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May 19, 2010 12:06 PM

ISO private dining in Orlando...

Going to be celebrating my brother’s 30th birthday in a few months, and was looking for a private or semi-private room for 10 people to celebrate in Orlando. Looking for a more upscale place, but most importantly, has to have great food. Only thing is that one of the guests will be my 5 year old niece, which could be a problem with some high end restaurants. She’s fairly well behaved, but just not sure how behaved she’ll be during a 2 hour dinner (that’s why fully private might be the way to go).

Only places I've come up with are Luma (downstairs), Emeril's, and Norman's. Only Emeril's cigar room is truly private of the three.

Thanks in advance for you responses…

5885 Turkey Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32819

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  1. Just back in March we celebrated a B-day at Del Frisco's. They now have these private dinning rooms with a cable TV in the room. It was great b/c we could be as loud as we wanted and my 1 year old nephew who was with us could watch TV and run around. The room we had wasn't super huge where people could stand walk around and socialize. It consisted of a long booth and then chairs on the otherside with a TV in the corner. It was very comforgable. Plus the food was amazing as always.

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      Would also second Del Frisco's. We also attended a private party at the Chef's Table in a private room, although there was no TV if that is important to you. Had great meals at both of these restaurants.

      Chef's Table
      99 W Plant St, Winter Garden, FL 34787

    2. Yea, I guess I should have mentioned that the place has to have a full bar too. I love Chef's Table, but beer and wine isn't an option for my family.

      I did find this website that has helped a bit in case others had the same questions as me:

      Chef's Table
      4290 S Highway 27 Ste 106, Clermont, FL 34711

      1. i've booked private rooms several times at fleming's steakhouse (winter park), and it's always gone really well. they have a full bar, and they're not as formal, so i think a kid being there would be fine. oh fleming's prime rib....

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          Luma's downstairs is actually quite private. No one but members of your party will be there, other than servers. Vine's Grille & Wine Bar has some private dining areas and excellent food; the rooms aren't as private but the restaurant isn't super quiet and tolerates kids just fine. Antonio's Sand Lake has some beautiful private rooms too. Journey's a Alaqua may have private spaces now that's moved; it's worth looking into. Enzo's on the Lake? Victoria & Albert's new private room? bluezoo? Primo?

          Antonio's Sand Lake
          7559 W Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32819

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            Also, chef Jamie McFadden is now an owner of Gallery at Interlachen. You can rent out the intimate room and have him cater it.

          2. Try Primo at the JW Marriot by Seaworld, they have a private room. Also there is Bice at the Portofino Bay hotel. Great food and a ok wine list..


            5035 34th St S, Saint Petersburg, FL 33711