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May 19, 2010 11:28 AM

Quatrefoil Restaurant in Dundas

New restaurant opened in Dundas last week - Quatrefoil - looks quite lovely; fine dining I assume - anyone been yet?

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  1. Just read the review in this weekends paper
    Haven't checked it out yet - has anyone else?

      1. re: andy andersen

        I've had the pleasure of eating here a couple of times already, and it is a pleasure!
        The food is french influenced, also a great Sunday brunch.

        The owners are both clasically trained chefs and have created a very nice, comfortable and high quality dining experience.

        The only flaw in my mind is the choice of all white in the main floor dining room, but that is just personal opinion.

        If you ahve a chance to eat on the patio, do so, it is a lovely experience.

      2. Had dinner over the weekend and it was fabolous! Décor is very white, as Cheech5001 mentions with chairs and linens, a muted light grey paint on the walls – lovely white circled wallpaper on an accent wall with blast of colour from paintings and flowers on tables.
        Starters: Grilled Scallop & Calamari (Me)
        Heirloom Tomato & C’est Bon Goat Cheese (Wife)
        Scallop came atop of two rolled pieces of calamari and were grilled to perfection.
        Heirloom tomato’s were ripe with beautiful yellow and red colours.
        Mains: Veal Tenderloin feature dinner (Me)
        Pacific Halibut (Wife)
        Upon arrival of our mains the waiter mentioned that the chef was preparing two more portions of veal due to the fact that the portions I was served was the tail end and therefore was not cooked consistently to my order (medium) – I was glad and appreciative of the mistake/concern and within 5 mins. the new portions came out. Needless to say, I got my fill of veal. The dinner was accompanied with asparagus, finger length potatoes sliced and a mix of corn and lobster in a reduced cherry or red wine sauce.
        Pacific Halibut was moist and accompanied with a parsley potatoe puree. My wife always tends to leave a bit or two on her plate (which drives me nuts), but not this night! She loved it so much, that it would be a sin not to finish it off.
        Dessert: Clementine Crème Brule (Me)
        Blueberry Lemon Cake (Wife)
        Cheese Plate (Shared)
        Crème Brule – not too heavy, with a mild taste of Clementine orange accompanied with ginger bread and ginger ice cream. Blueberry Lemon cake did last long enough for me to taste it – wife was not sharing. Cheese plate was a nice end to the dinner. A selection of three different cheeses (Spain, Timmins and Quebec) accompanied with honey comb, chutney and house made crostini.
        The only flaw (if you want to call them that) was they didn’t have a particular gin I requested and ran out of the Taylor’s 20yr port, but the waiter was more that happy to give me a heavy handed 10yr in lieu. All said and done, from the apps to dinner, dessert and friendly staff, everything was great. Will definitely go back to try the other dishes.