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May 19, 2010 11:25 AM

Leong's Legend - Now in Bayswater [London]

Just a quick note to say that the Leong's Legend franchise has appeared to have expanded to Bayswater. It's on Queensway, basically across the street from the tube station.

I haven't tried yet, but if similar to its counterparts would be a nice addition to hood.


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  1. Here's my review of Leong's Legends in Bayswater based on my visit at lunch today.

    Special Soup of Today - Whelk with Quail - AMAZING!!! LOVED IT!

    九份竹筒飯 / Dried Shrimp, Scallops, Mushroom, & Sticky Rice Steamed in Bamboo - Was very disappointed with this dish primarily because I didn't read the English description and had thought that it was going to be the Cantonese style jasmine rice steamed in bamboo with an abundance of seafood goodness. Totally my mistake. I normally read both Chinese and English on the menu to make sure I'm ordering the right thing, but was too hungry to focus today. Anyway, regardless of my mistake, the dish was still a bust, because they skimp on ingredients! The bamboo was filled mostly with rice and I had to dig and dig and dig to unearth the dried shrimp, dried scallops, and mushrooms (which there were very very few of). That stuff is expensive, so I can see that they're trying to cut cost. I'd much rather they charge me more, rather than skimp on ingredients, because this dish could have been good had they balanced the dried seafood to rice ratio properly.

    Taiwan Most Popular Omelette (Oyster Omelette) - Could have been very good had they included more oysters. The omelette was huge (10") but there were very very few oysters. They should make the omelet half the size and include twice the amount of oysters. The shortage of oysters to omelette ratio spoiled my ability to enjoy this dish.

    Legend's Siu Long Bao - Loved it. My mom said she still thinks Pearl Liang's is the best, but I very much liked Legend's.

    Taiwan Spicy Beef Noodle in Soup - They need to use better noodles. Noodle Oodle uses much better noodles than Leong's, but I much prefer Leong's broth because of how fresh (鮮味) it tasted. Really really loved the broth personally. Most people want this noodle soup dish to be super spicy, but I loved how mild and true Leong's was. Will definitely ask the chef what's up with the crummy choice of noodles next time and ask if he'd consider using better ones.

    Will definitely return for the soup alone. Will try more dishes when I get around to it and report back.

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      P.S. The Siu Long Bao skin at Legends will not be thin enough if you're an xlb connoisseur.

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        Have you tried the knife shaved noodles or hand pulled noodles at Noodle Bar, right across from one of the Leicester Sq tube entrances on Cranbourn St?

      2. I find Leong's Legend a pleasant alternative to the many restaurants offering Cantonese cuisine along Queensway. If you're looking to sample some Taiwanese (though not strictly authentic) cuisine, they offer dishes that you would not find in say Gold Mine of Four Seasons.

        On my recent visit I quite enjoyed the chicken cooked in ginger and rice wine and the spicy tripe (can't remember the exact names of the dishes!). On the more popular dishes, i personally wouldn't recommend the oyster omelette, as mentioned above it falls short in providing the most crucial of ingredients. The xlb is above average, not the thinnest of skins, but it makes up in tasty broth and meat filling.

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          Nice to hear more about this newer branch. Are the 2 Chinatown branches similar in quality and menu? Or is each branch better for specific items?

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            I've only been to the one in Chinatown once (i might be mistaken but i believe it's the one on Macclesfield St) last year and I find the quality comparable. Unfortunately i can't remember the menu so I can't really comment on how the menus compare. sorry!

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              No idea, as I haven't been to either Chinatown branches. Although I must say that the Bayswater branch is very clean and decorated quite nicely for a Chinese restaurant.