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May 19, 2010 11:03 AM

Recipe Contests-same entry, multiple contests?

Is it possible to enter the same entry in multiple recipe competitions? I know they all say that an entry could not have won any previous competition or have been published, but what if I enter multiple competitions at the same time?

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  1. One difficulty I can imagine is that most contest applications include a statement that the recipe submitted becomes the property of the sponsoring agency so they might disqualify you as a winner when they find that you gave the "property rights" to more than one sponsor.

    1. Speaking as someone who has competed in national cook-offs and subscribes to a cooking contest newsletter, I enter recipe contests regularly. I can tell you that you WILL be disqualified if found to have entered that same recipe in another contest. If your recipe is chosen, be sure that the public relations department and/or any other representatives of said company will check any news, internet & other media source, including magazine & newspaper publications to see if your recipe is already out there. Read the fine print in the rules; most also say that you cannot have entered recipe in any other contest (win or not) You risk the chance of being sued if you actually win something and they find out later.

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        Thanks for the info. I wasn't sure what would happen, since I entered it in one competition, and then entered it in a second competition, but the second competition announces its winners first. Anyway I told the second competition that I had already submitted it so I assume they will withdraw it from consideration. The first competition I imagine will be much more competitive but the prize for the second is negligible so I decided it wasn't worth the risk.

        Since you seem so knowledgeable, I was wondering what you consider to be "significant changes" between recipes? The recipe I submitted was for the same exact soup-but I had to alter it between the two competitions because one had strict sodium guidelines. So I had to replace a can of tomatoes with fresh roasted tomatoes, and chicken broth with water, and took out bacon. So when I submitted it, to me it seemed like those were significant changes even though the overall result would have been similar.

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          Are you talking about the Good Housekeeping Cook Your Heart Out. contest that just closed last week? I entered that was extremely hard to come up with recipes for that one but good luck if you did enter it.

          In terms of significant changes; for one, you can't use the same name if you enter a recipe in more than one contest. It's too easy for them to look that up. Also, you have to change at least 4-5 ingredients and/or method of how the dish is prepared. In your recipe, you could have still used chicken stock if you used homemade or low sodium but you have to indicate that on your entry.

          Keep in mind that you have to go over the rules with a fine toothed comb....last year, I created a recipe for Food Network's URS2 contest; I got picked and they asked me if I ever submitted the recipe to another contest, which I had not BUT they didn't care if I had...they are the exception.

          1. re: Cherylptw

            Yeah I entered the Cook Your Heart Out contest. The fat and sodium restrictions were so hard! It was so hard to use any oil because 1 tbsp has 14 grams!

            I guess if 4-5 changes is significant then it would have been fine but maybe I'll save my altered recipe for something else since this other competition was really kind of pointless since the prize was a george foreman grill that i would never use.

            Good luck to you too!