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May 19, 2010 10:46 AM

Chickpea Flour for Fruit Crumble (For Friend with Celiac)--Will that work?

Usually, I make a very simple, yet delicious, crumb topping of just flour, sugar, butter, and a pinch of kosher salt. My friend has celiac and I know that Chickpea Flour is OK for her to eat. The question is: if I replace the regular King Arthur White-Whole Wheat with Chickpea, will the consistency be Ok or awful? Any other ideas for replacement "flour"? Thank you!

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  1. Please don't go there. It will taste fulawful. Try a thin cornmeal instead.

    1. It will taste bad. I would use almond meal.

      1. Check out the King Arthur Flour web site -- they have a whole new range of gluten-free flours. One of them will work for you, and better than chickpea flour, which I think would be too savory.

        1. Dodged a bullet here! Thanks, guys! Almond meal would be perfect. The reason I thought chickpea flour would be OK is that I used a couple TBs of it once in a lemon-cornmeal cake, to sub for the flour, but a few TBs is a far different creature than 1/2 c or more!

          Whew and thanks!

          1. Are oats generally ok for people with celiac disease?

            Very often when I make crumb toppings I grind up oats and nuts in the food processor.

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              Certified gluten free oats are OK IF the Celiac can tolerate oats (not everyone can). I prefer Lara's to other brands, with Bob's red Mill a second.

              Bean flour can be bitter as is mentioned. You can use all sorts of other flours. Other options are unsweetened dessicated coconut is nice - you can get a fine grind at Asian or Mexican groceries (Kara brand is what I find around here). Almond meal has been mentioned, or any nut meals. I have also used pumpkin seeds ground up for a different flavor.

              If you don't want to use nut, you can go to many groceries and get a gluten-free flour blend. Avoid Bob's Red Mill or anything with bean flour in it - it can be bitter and give baked goods an off flavor. i tend to reserve bean flour for breads. the premixed blends are usually rice, tapioca and either potato or corn starch - you can mix your own too.