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Chickpea Flour for Fruit Crumble (For Friend with Celiac)--Will that work?

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Usually, I make a very simple, yet delicious, crumb topping of just flour, sugar, butter, and a pinch of kosher salt. My friend has celiac and I know that Chickpea Flour is OK for her to eat. The question is: if I replace the regular King Arthur White-Whole Wheat with Chickpea, will the consistency be Ok or awful? Any other ideas for replacement "flour"? Thank you!

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  1. Please don't go there. It will taste fulawful. Try a thin cornmeal instead.

    1. It will taste bad. I would use almond meal.

      1. Check out the King Arthur Flour web site -- they have a whole new range of gluten-free flours. One of them will work for you, and better than chickpea flour, which I think would be too savory.

        1. Dodged a bullet here! Thanks, guys! Almond meal would be perfect. The reason I thought chickpea flour would be OK is that I used a couple TBs of it once in a lemon-cornmeal cake, to sub for the flour, but a few TBs is a far different creature than 1/2 c or more!

          Whew and thanks!

          1. Are oats generally ok for people with celiac disease?

            Very often when I make crumb toppings I grind up oats and nuts in the food processor.

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              Certified gluten free oats are OK IF the Celiac can tolerate oats (not everyone can). I prefer Lara's to other brands, with Bob's red Mill a second.

              Bean flour can be bitter as is mentioned. You can use all sorts of other flours. Other options are unsweetened dessicated coconut is nice - you can get a fine grind at Asian or Mexican groceries (Kara brand is what I find around here). Almond meal has been mentioned, or any nut meals. I have also used pumpkin seeds ground up for a different flavor.

              If you don't want to use nut, you can go to many groceries and get a gluten-free flour blend. Avoid Bob's Red Mill or anything with bean flour in it - it can be bitter and give baked goods an off flavor. i tend to reserve bean flour for breads. the premixed blends are usually rice, tapioca and either potato or corn starch - you can mix your own too.

            2. I made a crumble once for someone who couldn't eat flour and I used rice flour.

              1. I've subbed rice flour, flour blends, and nuts, and you could approximate wheat flour in a crumb topping with mixtures of those. Obviously, the crumble won't be quite the same. You could nix that idea all together and either stew or roast some fruit (what kind of fruit are we talking about here?) and serve it with ice cream or something. No topping necesseary.

                1. I have recently begun cooking gluten free and have been successful in making the crumb topping with a combination of almond, hazelnut or pecan flours (you can make your own by toasting the nuts and processing until fine) - I also add a bit of cornmeal plus brown sugar, cinnamon, butter and salt - the consistency is a little different but delicious all the same!