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May 19, 2010 10:42 AM

One night in Columbus

MY SO and I will be in town for one night and are looking for a romantic restaurant. The cuisine of choice would be eclectic, not just Italian, or Japanese, for example. What would be your pick for a seriously great meal? Price doesn't matter. Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. I'm finding romantic+eclectic to be challenging.... The Refectory is one of the most romantic, but it's French. Sage American Bistro and Alana's are delicious, well-done eclectic, but less romantic. I would say Alana's is more romantic of the two. Barcelona is romantic (especially outside on the patio), but fairly Spanish (I personally don't love the food, but many do). Oh! How about G. Michael's? I think that might be your best bet. It's lovely inside and on the patio.

    Good luck & have a wonderful time!

    Sage American Bistro
    2653 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202

    1. The ONLY answer to this question is Kihachi - it is traditional Japanese, not "a sushi joint" and a gem.

      Sage, Alanas, and G. Michaels fit squarely under the blanket of European Inspired American food - they are good, but nothing you can't find elsewhere.

      The Refectory is the best restaurant in town by a significant margin, but it is haute-French.

      1. My suggestion would be Dragonfly Neo v near OSU Campus. I'm not a vegetarian (let alone a vegan), but the food that is coming out of Magdiale Wolmark's kitchen is the most creative you'll find in the city. There are things being done there that made swear there was meat somewhere on that dish. Many of the ingredients come from his own garden there at the restaurant. As I said before, I'm not into vegetarian but I walked away hugely impressed.

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          I wondered if Dragonfly might fit the OP's bill, but I've never been there. I will definitely have to try it when I get back to Columbus. Thanks for the recommendation, ladybugthepug.

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            I do agree with the above, as well - though I'd put Kihachi on par with Dragonfly for creativity and taste.