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May 19, 2010 09:17 AM

10pm dinner at EMP???

I didn't call early enough and now the only reservation for EMP is at 10pm. This is a special occasion & the only place my partner wants to go. Will we be rushed? Do you think they will still have the duck? Should I ask for 1 to be saved for us?
Thanks for any info or experience!

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  1. SO a couple walks into EMP with an 8PM reservation. They order the Duck, waiter says, "I am sorry we only have one left and we are holding it for a 10PM reservation"
    DOnt worry, they will have enough duck for all.

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    1. re: princeofpork

      Cute. And, yes, plenty of duck to go around! :)

    2. Re: being rushed. In a word: Never!

      As for the duck, I seriously doubt they will be out of it, but you can certainly call back and mention that you want to have it so that a notation will be made. Also, mention that it's a special occasion because the staff loves to know about such things.

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      1. If you have your heart set on the duck, you should call and tell them that. It's unlikely, but not impossible, that they would run out by the time you're ordering.

        1. I'd also call and mention you want duck. They are the best restaurant in the city at delivering on special accomodations.

          1. I went last Wed at 9:15 (walked in, table of 4, no ressy) and by the time we sat after the bar it was around 9:30-9:45ish and we had 1 duck at our table. The meal was NOT rushed at all...