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May 19, 2010 08:49 AM

Does Isaly's still exist?

Hey Pittsburgh hounds!

I grew up down in Maryland, but spent 1970's childhood summers at my grandmother's in Millvale. I'm going to be making the trip from Phila to Pgh next week and am looking to take a bit of a stroll down Memory Lane.

I swear I ate my body weight in Isaly's chipped ham every summer - there's nothing like it. I see online that it is now carried in major chains - is that the only place to find it? Are there any Isaly's still in existence?

Thanks in advance for your help - there may be more questions coming!


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  1. I do not know where any are localed. has one deli in Washington, PA named Isaly's. I know you can buy Islay's meats and BBQ sauce in the local markets. Remember to order the ham "chipped chopped".

    2400 Jefferson Ave, Washington, PA 15301

    1. I believe there is still an Isaly's in the West End

      2400 Jefferson Ave, Washington, PA 15301

      1. There's a well-preserved Isaly's store in West View, just a few miles north of Pittsburgh proper. It's on US Rt 19 aka Perry Highway. It's complete with a lunch counter, etc. It's not open really late or anything, closes at 3 on Saturdays, not sure other days.

        If you're going to be in the city, I think this is the one to go to.

        Oh, I forgot about that one, I know less about it but I believe the one on East Ohio Street on the North Side is also still open. Strange that the two left closest to the city are so close to each other....

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          Take Crazy's word on this one. The Isaly's in West View is tremendous, and the decor is still just like it was 30 years ago.

        2. Thank you all so much! I'm totally going to hit the Isaly's in West View! Hooray!!!