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May 19, 2010 08:30 AM

Lost Theme Party Ideas

Anyone have any good ones for the series finale? There have been some previous posts here from years past, but they center a lot on Dharma stuff and, well, the show has really moved away from the Dharma concept in the last few seasons. Any ideas for more current food/drink? I'm still going to do my usual Dharma beer/wine labels for everyone, but other than that, I pretty much can only think of smoked salmon (Smokey, get it?) and black and white cookies. Any ideas?

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  1. Although it makes me sad to say it, I'd have to suggest pancakes, because this entire final season has been a Big Flop. :-(

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    1. re: Beckyleach

      Boooo, did you watch last night? I feel like it redeemed everything!

    2. Oh, forgot to add: some vile yellow soft drink for the fake-o "golden glow" of the Magical Cave...

      Lost, you have really disappointed me, this year. Boo hoo!

      1. How about some fried chicken?

        1. a plate of "smoke monster (meunster) cheese and crackers, or "Jack" cheese and crackers; "Jin" and tonic; E-Clairs; Submarine sandwiches; dark chocolate and white chocolate covered raisins representing the black and white rocks..These have been a hit the past few weeks..need something really cool for the finale..IDEAS? I like the yellow drink representing the light in the cave..hmmm

          1. Here's what I am doing: (Thai) Green Papaya Salad Sawyer Style (w/ crabs), Tunisian "Donkey Wheel" Pasta Salad, Sashimi, Fish Biscuits with Mango and Coconut Sorbets. To drink, Otter Creek All rebranded as Dharma Ale.