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May 19, 2010 08:17 AM

Old Orchard Beach, ME

Going to OBB, actually Ocean Park with my in-laws the first week in August. I plan on going to Portland for a couple of good meals, but when I'm on vacation I tend not to like to drive too much. We mainly cook in for breakfast and dinner, and are on our own for lunch.

The family does always go to Wormwoods in Camp Ellis, which I think is good; just nothing to write home about.

From my research here, it looks like the area is not well regarded, but I'm just looking for a few good, relatively inexpensive places to get take out, have a cheap lunch, grab a couple of beers. I'm always trying to avoid tourist spots, although I hear the fries and pizza on the OBB Pier aren't bad.

(I'm also addicted to chicken wings, so if there are any above average wings in the area please let me know!)

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  1. "I'm always trying to avoid tourist spots"

    The entirety of "downtown" Old Orchard Beach is a tourist spot. I am fairly sure you pretty much have to go out of OOB to find places that aren't. Especially in August. I had a decent meal at a Greek place right off the main road, down near the rides last year. It was still touristy and not fabulous, but I liked what we ordered. I wrote a review of it here, and got corrected on a few points. Still, if I were down there, I'd go to the Greek place again. I wouldn't go OUT of my way to go there.

    Here's my review and the subsequent corrections of my impressions:

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      I understand. My preference not to drive much is just that I don't want to go all the way to Portland more than once; not that I was only looking for downtown, such as it is, OBB.

    2. Have you tried Huot's too, or just Wormwoods?

      Kennebunkport is a nice drive, lots of good lunch spots there if you're interested just search the board for Kennebunkport. Alisson's restaurant there is well worth the nice drive from Ocean Park and they serve very good Buffalo wings. Federal Jack's Pub has blueberry-bbq wings and maple-jalapeno wings if you're adventurous.

      Pine Point has Salty Bay takeout, hidden in the residential area near Bayley's Lobster Pound (not Bayley's restaurant). Great spot for lunch....mostly seafood and sandwiches, very casual.

      Len Libby's candies on Route 1 Scarborough...stop on your way to or from Portland for some great homemade ice cream....the coconut chocolate chip is my favorite (it's called Needham).

      Federal Jack's
      8 Western Ave, Kennebunkport, ME 04046

      Alisson's Restaurant
      11 Dock Sq, Kennebunkport, ME 04046

      1. You might want to try Traditions in Saco for Italian or Mill on the Run in Biddeford near the wind vane. We like both. Traditions has become a tradition for us whenever we are in OOB. Mill on the Run has interesting pub food like a soup made with one of their beers. The beers we have tried have been delicious and very reasonably priced. Hout's, next to Wormwood's is good too. They are seasonal and have lots of fried seafood but serve seafood dishes that aren't fried. There early birds and happy hours are very reasonable and good- especially if you go when both are on. Yellowfin, in Ocean Park, was good the last time we were there. They have an eclectic menu with many fresh ingredients. They let you bring your own alcoholic beverage which keeps the price down. If you like breakfast, try Michelle's Garden Cafe. Its a small place and you may have to wait but we think is worth a wait. Many locals eat here. For pizza, we like Ocean Pizza and they deliver. Hope these help and that you enjoy your stay in Ocean Park.

        5 Temple Ave, Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064

        Ocean Pizza
        4 Ocean Park Rd, Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064

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          I assume you mean Run of the Mill Brewpub in Saco. Yes good beer/ale and pub food.

        2. If you are only going to Portland once, save your wing jonesing for then and go to