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May 19, 2010 06:51 AM

Olecito Brookline!

It's open, finally. Drove by yesterday. Anyone been yet??

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  1. Went opening night. We were the last ones served as the computer crashed, which meant free tacos and a torta. I've been to the original Olecito far too many times for my own good...

    Tacos were on point (shrimp and pork,) the pork torta was amazing, but the steak burrito they gave us randomly was so so. I've never tried their burritos before.

    Overall, so happy to have this in my hood...

    12 Springfield St, Cambridge, MA 02139

    1. I got take-out from Olecito on Friday evening (apologies for any inaccuracies, it was a busy weekend and my memory is hazy). FYI, they are (currently?) cash only. Overall, the place is friendly, fast and tasty. There were a couple of dissappointments that can likely be corrected if the place gets busier.

      I had:
      Shrimp Taco (~$3)
      Pork Taco (~$3)
      Poblano Taco (~$3)
      Chicken Torta (~$6?)
      Chips and Guacamole (~$3)

      What I would get again:
      Pork Taco- The pork was moist and firm, and had great flavor (probably roasted or braised). The sala was very good, and included pleasantly sweet pineapple. I could have used a little bit more heat, but it was a great taco.

      What I would get again if they're having a busy night:
      Chicken Torta- This was very, very good. The flavors and textures in the sandwich were great (though it could use an ingredient to add some crunch), and it was just the right kind of messy. My only gripe is that the bread was a touch stale. I'm guessing that if they get busier this problem wouldn't occur often.
      Shrimp Taco- This had a breaded, fried shrimp with a chipotle aioli. I think there was also some cabbage or something else. Everything was great, except the shrimp was not fried to order. the shrimp was not soggy or anything, but it didn't have that golden deliciousness you get from somthing right out of the fryer. Again, if they get busy enough there probably won't be time for the shrimp to sit around.

      What I probably won't get again:
      Poblano Taco- This one didn't do it for me. Nothign bad, but it's less effort for me to make a fried egg sandwich at home and it'd satisfy me just as well.
      Chips and Guacamole- The chips were not salty enough (and I am no salt monger) and the guac was just okay.

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        Steak taco (~$3)
        Delicious, very messy. Like the pork taco, the steak was very flavorful and moist. This taco includes a bean (pinto?) spread and cheese. I believe some cabbage, too.

        They are using corn tortillas for the tacos (I omitted that in my previous post). I find these to be superior to the Dorado tortillas; I'm not sure if they are starting with a better tortilla, preparing/handling it differently, or it is simply a better 'part once encorporated into this sum'.

        Olecito was installing some counters/tables; however, I plan to continue with take-out until they get the AC fixed.

      2. I got the shrimp tacos and the Oaxaqueso torta. Both were soggy, the torta so much so I couldn't eat it. Compared to Dorado, at least on the shrimp taco basis, Olecito comes up just a hair short: theirs are more vinegary, while Dorado has more of that guilty-pleasure beer-batter crunch and taste. But O is in my neighborhood, so I'm not going to quibble.