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May 19, 2010 06:41 AM

Rick "Tweet-No-More" Bayless -- in the White House Kitchen

Hey there, Rick, seems like the "transparency" we were promised is just an illusion. Sorry you can't be your twittering self!

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  1. If you follow Rick on Twitter, then you know he tweeted about this already. He was not tweeting from the White House & his time line on Twitter can confirm it. He posted these tweets on his way to the WH & from his hotel room.

    Rick claims that the reporter made up the story and is calling for an apology.

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      Clarification: Bayless at Gapers Block said he did not send his tweets from the White House kitchen. Bayless also sent a tweet out about my post. To clarify: Bayless tweeted about the upcoming dinner and about the White House kitchen, but not from the White House kitchen. My apology."""

      i think the bottom line is that the jist of the story is the same. he had to stop twittering about the gig. why? i look forward to any walk-back on that. the white house nixed it -- like they do any great detail about their state dinner events (national "hard times" and all that).

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        But he didn't have to stop twittering about the gig, and he didn't stop. That was never at issue -- she said that he did so from inside the White House, where it's against protocol to have phones with you in meeting rooms, and he said that he didn't. But he has given a number of interviews about it in advance, and posted on twitter a number of times since he's been in Washington prepping for the event.

        1. re: JasmineG

          """Heading into the WH for another full day of creation. Got my fingers crossed there are no hitches!"""
          about 11 hours ago via Twittelator

          I'm looking forward to his detailed tweets (or stories) about the event and all that went on in the kitchen.

          1. re: alkapal

            Rick just tweeted the truth about the whole WH tweeting rumors. (try saying that 3 times fast, lol)

            Check out what he has to say: