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May 19, 2010 05:41 AM

handmade peanut butter cups and chocolates in Northern NJ

A few years ago I had some amazing handmade "boutique" peanut butter cups with white and dark chocolate. They came from somewhere in North Jersey -- from somewhere between Wayne and Livingston. I'd like to find them and send some as gift. Can anyone please help?

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  1. LP, i do not know which place you are referring BUT may i recommend 2 chocolate spots; both that ship: 1) EXCELLENT/SUPERIOR: Chocolate Shoppe, Flemington NJ. Mr. Burry. 908-782-7123, 2) VGood ~ Chocolate Alley 732. 634-8456.

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      I love the Chocolate Shoppe! I live very close to it and let's just say I'm a very good customer. ;)

    2. Sorry, but I cannot help you with the store you have approximated, but here is a good substitute if you do not get the information you are looking for:

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        Thanks, nybaby37 and fourunder! I will check them out! :-)

      2. It might be Laurie's Candies on Berdan Ave in Wayne. She makes all her chocolates and they are great ( we're partial to the drk chocolate orange peel). And her store has been there for a while.

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          I don't remember what it's called but there is (or use to be) a chocolate shop in Livingston - it's on Livingston Avenue, next to Haggen Daz (sp?) maybe you can google it and see if they have what you're looking for :)

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            That's Ain't We Sweet...nice store, nice people, good candy/choc, from what I remember!

            79 South Livingston Avenue
            Livingston, NJ 07039-3025
            (973) 533-1399

        2. Could it be Nagles Candy Barn in Wayne?