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May 19, 2010 03:57 AM

romantic weekend with hubby

i would love suggestions for 3 dinners in paris. we arrive saturday may 29, and leave on tues june 1. would love to avoid the real touristy places. looking for great food, lively ambiance, and our budget is roughly 100 euro per person per dinner. will we have trouble getting reservations? thanks for the help.

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  1. Have you searched this board yet? There are many, many threads on this, and it would help if you were to do some preliminary work and narrow this down a bit.

    1. Here you go deb: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/342838

      The posts in that link maybe a bit outdated. If you want to research further use google, as the search engine here is a bit confusing.

      For example google: "the best restaurants in paris chowhound."

      You can start your research from there.

      Enjoy yoru trip.

      1. Saturday night can sometimes be booked, try to reserve as soon as possible. Sunday & Monday are a different problem, many restaurants are closed.

        With your budget you should have a plethora of places to choose from... try Alexander Lobrano's blog for ideas:


        1. i have done tons of research. actually, i gave our hotel a list of choices. les papilles, ze kitchen galerie, le cinq, market, table de joel robuchon and frenchie. i got reservations for market, table de jr and zkg. are these too similar. should i try for others. i was also able to get le marcab. any opinions? we are staying in the 6th, though we are walkers and very adventurous.

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            I wouldn't miss lunch at Le Cinq, if I were you. and since it's a hotel restaurant, it's open on Sunday.

            only problem with lists to hotels is sometimes the concierge has "favorites" so you are getting their choices. Just a thought.

            1. re: debggreenberg

              My preferences from among the choices:
              Ze kitchen galerie or KGB - similar enuf
              Les papilles
              Le Marcab

              But nothing above is "romantic":
              Think: Grande Cascade, maybe Le Cinq, Taillevent?

              John Talbott's Paris

              1. re: John Talbott

                thanks for the advice. actually, romance is within us. we don't need the decor. just love the food and entire experience. i have confirmed reservations at ze kitchen galerie, les papilles and le marcab. just waiting for reply from frenchie. so excited. now another question: i want to spend some time in the markets. which markets have more than just food. specifically, i am looking for tablecloths and napkins.

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                  Well, there is a place one will either love or hate called Merci, 111 Blvd Beaumarchais in the 3rd,, closed Sundays which houses two eating opportunities as well that is very very cool and perhaps a bit precious but it 1. has neat table stuff and 2. benefits the underfolk.

                  John Talbott's Paris has some pix

                  1. re: John Talbott

                    Not to mention, the books! Merci is a great place to hang out. But I don't see how that responds to the market question?

                    Most markets have tablecloth and napkins. One example is my local one bd Blanqui, tue, fri and sun.

                    1. re: souphie

                      "I don't see how that responds to the market question?
                      Most markets have tablecloth and napkins"

                      I just thought that the downstairs area where the sort-of-resto is had some cool table stuff.

            2. I don't know what quartier you are staying in, but a fave of ours is worldwide brand Yves Delorme, in France there are a lot more varieties available than elsewhere. Galeries Lafayette, Printemps have good selections of "linge de table".

              Another great store for these items is Descamps, with about 6 stores all over Paris. For unique, artisinal table items, Valombreuse is fabulous. (8th arr.)