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May 19, 2010 03:48 AM

Do I really need to spend $500 to get a great blender?

For over a year now, I have been looking at "commercial" blenders (VitaMix, BlendTec, etc.). I have a beehive Oster right now that is really a piece of junk. I know I can get a much better blender and I know I'll use it...I just can't quite bring myself to pay $500 for a blender.

So are they worth it? Anyone know of a less expensive model? I've seen the base model VitaMix for $398, then I get caught up wondering if its worth it to spend a little more to get more power.

I'd appreciate thoughts on the subject...I've been thinking about this for so long I am beyond muddled.

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  1. If you can justify a $400+ blender, and feel you'll use it for more than blending soups, purees, cocktails and smoothies, then go for it. There's another blender thread discussion currently going on at the cookware board, although the OP for that thread is interested in a lower cost, smoothie-making blender rec.

    Have you considered a Breville? The BlendTec certainly has some wattage, and then there's the noise factor, and you can't beat the 2 hp motor of the VitaMix, essentially the same power as the BlendTec, but these blenders can be power overkill, more for commercial applications than home use. You have to ask yourself exactly what you'll do with this blender that you absolutely need to do; could that be accomplished with less wattage and a lower price? A Oster at $80 and 500 watts, a Breville at $200 and 750 watts or a VitaMix at $400 and 1500; you're obviously paying more for something with the VitaMix, the 7 year gaurantee, maybe? Hopefully more than that.

    I have a Oster Beehive that is 30+ years old and is decidedly not a piece of junk. But that was then...I'm not grinding grain in it. I've used commercial high powered blenders professionally and I can't justify having one in my home kitchen, either for wattage, noise factor or price, but that's just me.

    Here's a consumer review link to peruse, scroll down for VitaMix, Breville and BlendTec reviews. I'd take a look at the Breville reviews here and at Amazon, if you haven't already done so:

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      I've never used a commercial blenderThat being said I have an oster behive and I love it.

    2. I was visiting my parents in Arizona last winter and they decided they needed a blender to make smoothies and protein shakes. I went to a flea market and bought them a 30 year old Oster for $8. I'm not suggesting you do that, I just thought it was a bit comical since the blender is the same model but older than the one my mother had back home.

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      1. re: John E.

        John, I was going to suggest that. We have a new Xmas plastic junque blender and an old glass & steel heavy duty Oster for the 70's. The difference in quality of construction and power are amazing.

      2. I've had my Oster for three years and it's a pretty good blender. I'd rather spend my money on a robo coup.

        1. I have a Kitchen Aid that has an ice crusher, and it works beautifully. Doubt it cost more than $80.

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          1. Whatever you do don't buy a Black & Decker Crush Master. I can't break that thing fast enough. I had a great blender that was on opened box special of $20 at Best Buy. I can't remember the brand but it had a glass pitcher and a separate ice crusher switch.

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            1. re: corneygirl

              The basic rule is this - whatever Black and Decker makes is crap.