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May 19, 2010 02:43 AM

First time visit to Vancouver

Going to Vancouver in two weeks and want to know suggestions for "can't miss Vancouver eating institutions"...from food carts, to small shops, cafes, bakeries, ethnic places, trendy places...any suggestions? Trying not to go upscale but if i see a menu to die for, i'll include it on my list...

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  1. Perhaps you could narrow things down a bit so we can give you useful suggestions -- for a small city we have a lot of restos. Also, where are you staying? Will you have a car?

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      I'll be staying in Richards St, Vancouver...will be moving by public transport...thanks.

      1. re: petuniafromhell

        You are right downtown which has a lot of Japanese - specifically izakaya. If your city doesn't have many of that type of restaurant, then that would be my first recommendation.

        This area is renowned for its Chinese food. The best places are in Richmond (the suburb to the south of the city - but very accesible by rapid transit on the Canada Line). High-end Dim Sum (The Jade, Empire Chinese Cuisine), Chinese Seafood (Sea Harbour), Shanghai Cuisine (Shanghai River - upscale, Chen's hole-in-the-wall, Suhang - somewhere in between) , Regional Chinese (Golden Spring and Chuan Xiang Ge for Sichuan), Asian Foodcourts (Aberdeen Center, Richmond Pulblic Market).

        For "hip" restaurants - Judas Goat for modern Spanish tapas, refuel for localvore roadhouse food, and a number of others.

        If drinking is your thing...Alibi for the best selection of local and regional Craft Beer, The Diamond for excellent traditional cocktails, Bao Bei for modern cocktails and "upscale" Chinese street food, The Keefer for more of the same.