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May 18, 2010 11:24 PM

ISO best broiled seafood plate

My 83 y.o walking partner is in LOVE w the broiled (NOT FRIED) seafood platter (haddock, shrimp, scallops) @ Petey's in Rye, NH. Comes w a killer cole slaw too. I must say... it IS delicious. It's a fairly good hike up there so I'm looking for something that can rival Petey's version but a little closer to home. We live in Wakefield and would go as far as the North Shore. Gotta keep Charlie happy. :)

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  1. haven't been for a whle, but the Lobster Claw in North Reading used to have good broiled dinners ( good fried ones, too). They also used to have fabulous crabmeat salad. Sorry I couldn't find a wesite to post a link.

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      Just read a yelp review (March 2010) which said that Lobster Claw does not broil the seafood anymore. Just fried. :(
      Any other ideas for me.... anybody?

    2. Moulton's in Medford...Check the board for lots of reviews, and I gottah say, it's a bar that an 82 year old would like; everyone is really friendly there...They have a dining part, too...

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        Definitely Moulton's - everything above is totally accurate - always fresh, always properly cooked, and always very friendly - at really reasonable prices, too. I prefer eating in the bar to the dining room but the waiters David and his brother are outstanding in either location!

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          Yeah, the bar is fun, in a non-rowdy way...Mostly everyone telling you what to order cuz they love the place...

      2. Twin Seafood in Reading

        1. Lobsta Land does a broiled dinner: haddock shrimp scallop or fillet of sole. Maybe they'd do a mixed plate for you (or maybe that's what the dinner is.

          1. One option might be the Fish House in Burlington which doesn't have a broiled fisherman platter per-say, but they offer all of those broiled and have a fried fisherman's platter. Abbondanza in Everett does nice baked stuffed and has a platter of that, but you would have to call to ask if they will do it broiled.