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ISO best broiled seafood plate

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My 83 y.o walking partner is in LOVE w the broiled (NOT FRIED) seafood platter (haddock, shrimp, scallops) @ Petey's in Rye, NH. Comes w a killer cole slaw too. I must say... it IS delicious. It's a fairly good hike up there so I'm looking for something that can rival Petey's version but a little closer to home. We live in Wakefield and would go as far as the North Shore. Gotta keep Charlie happy. :)

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  1. haven't been for a whle, but the Lobster Claw in North Reading used to have good broiled dinners ( good fried ones, too). They also used to have fabulous crabmeat salad. Sorry I couldn't find a wesite to post a link.

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      Just read a yelp review (March 2010) which said that Lobster Claw does not broil the seafood anymore. Just fried. :(
      Any other ideas for me.... anybody?

    2. Moulton's in Medford...Check the board for lots of reviews, and I gottah say, it's a bar that an 82 year old would like; everyone is really friendly there...They have a dining part, too...

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        Definitely Moulton's - everything above is totally accurate - always fresh, always properly cooked, and always very friendly - at really reasonable prices, too. I prefer eating in the bar to the dining room but the waiters David and his brother are outstanding in either location!

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          Yeah, the bar is fun, in a non-rowdy way...Mostly everyone telling you what to order cuz they love the place...

      2. Twin Seafood in Reading

        1. Lobsta Land does a broiled dinner: haddock shrimp scallop or fillet of sole. Maybe they'd do a mixed plate for you (or maybe that's what the dinner is.

          1. One option might be the Fish House in Burlington which doesn't have a broiled fisherman platter per-say, but they offer all of those broiled and have a fried fisherman's platter. Abbondanza in Everett does nice baked stuffed and has a platter of that, but you would have to call to ask if they will do it broiled.

            1. Looks like Moulton's is the place to go. Thx for all your input. Will report back after we go.