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May 18, 2010 11:03 PM

Canyon Restaurant in Anaheim Hills

Has anyone tried Rich Mead's new Canyon Restaurant in Anaheim Hills? I am a pretty regular customer at his Sage Restaurant in Newport Beach which I enjoy a lot, and am wondering about his new place?

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  1. We went to Canyon ourselves this evening. It is a terrific new addition to the rather limited dining choices in this area. The restaurant has very pleasant decor, the drinks were great, the service was terrific, and the food excellent and well priced. This restaurant is certainly worth a try by all, and is a welcome fresh new look in this area.

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      I've been curious about this restaurant. What did you order and which dishes would you recommend?

    2. I went with a friend, and we had: chopped salad, the burger, root beer float with chocolate chip cookies, and an espresso. The menu reads like "new american" from 20 years ago. The salad was pretty good, burger was ok, root beer float was ok, and cookies were good.. Espresso had a burned edge, but drinkable and miles ahead of Starbucks.

      It has a sheen of swank to it, with too-carefully chosen decor (the colors of the tiles and grout matches the two different colors of upholstery.) Service was good.

      Its nice enough, but not something I would go out of my way for. But I live two miles away, and I see myself going back.