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May 18, 2010 10:41 PM

looking for restaurants in Edmonton

I will be visiting relatives in Edmonton in the next couple of weeks and am looking for a restaurant to take a large family group to dinner. I does not have to be top of the line and there maybe children. I am looking for something a step up from the ubiquitous chain restaurant - has better than average food, is friendly - good service, allows lingering and reasonably priced.
I don't really know the food preferences of these relatives so I am thinking something fairly conventional perhaps Italian but would like to hear of all possibilities.

Please give some indication of the menu and price range.


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  1. Not sure of the area you want to be in, so not sure if recommendations will be suitable for what you want ....

    You might want to check out Tesoro (112 st and 104 ave) in Oliver Square. The place serves Italian; although menu is small and limited, food tends to be good. Pizzas, pastas, paninis, and salads. Price range, if my memory serves me right is around $12 - $16 for pizzas and pastas. If the weather is warm enough, they'll also have gelato on hand. It's not a huge place and tables are small, but perhaps if you call ahead, they may be able to put enough tables together for your group. The decor has a modern European style, and we never had problems with bringing our young child with us - in fact, saw quite a number of families with kids at various times. Only thing is that you won't be able to order the typical kid food - chicken fingers, fries, etc. so I wouldn't recommend the place for picky children.

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      Actually I will be staying in St Albert so I guess something in the Northwest area would be best. I have been doing some web surfing and came up with the Cajun House in St Albert. Any comments on the restaurant would be welcome. And I really welcome all comments on any possibilities.

      Thanks again

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        there are 2 Italian restaurants in the west that are good, no great location from St. Albert but not too bad. Tasty Tomato and Piccolino's, both would require reservations.

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          Nello's in St. Albert is excellent for Italian food 512 St. Albert Trail

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            Cajun House in St. Albert is great - I don't think they have kid-sized meals but I have seen kids in there before and they were fine. Reservations recommended as they can get quite busy.

            I haven't been yet but if you want something slightly more expensive I have heard that the River House Grill is good.

            There is a Hawelli's in St. Alberta as well if you want to branch into Indian food.

        2. I have heard good things about Luisa Ristorante on Parent, but have not been myself. Have been to Cajun House, not sure I would say it works for kids. It was nice though and had good oysters.

          i would heartily recommend Lazia in the NW, on St. Albert Trail. Good range of dishes and definitely a step up from the chains.

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            There's a Famoso there too now - I would personally prefer Famoso's pizza to anything at L'Azia.

            (Janetf - this is at the corner of St. Albert Trail and 137 Ave, in Edmonton which is just outside of St. Albert.)

          2. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I have done some web surfing and printed out menus/addresses. I am rather hoping that we can go to the Cajun House. Can anyone give me an approximate price for the mains? I think it will be ok but don't like surprises

            Will let you know how it turns out.

            Now if the Chowhounds in Regina can turn up something for me, I will be really happy.

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              Cajun House mains are around 20-30 from what I remember (haven't been there in a little while though).