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May 18, 2010 08:40 PM

Best Chinese Food in Portland, ME???

Hi All!

Please help!

I moved to Portland 2 years ago from New York and have yet to find great chinese food. I have found decent but not great. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I have been spoiled by whole life with great chinese food in my hometown and love it!

Thank you in advance!

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  1. You can't find it because there isn't any. When you need a fix, go to Boston: there's really nothing closer. As you've been here for two years, you'll know that there is adequate Thai and Vietnamese, but that's all.

    1. It was the first question I asked when we moved here. The consensus seemed to be that Lotus in Falmouth sucked the least, especially at dinner. Still............I just wait til I hit NYC and go nuts. It is crazy in such a foodie town and you KNOW the ingredients can be had -- eg, Hong Kong Market. Maybe someday!!!!

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      1. re: hitpas

        I agree that Lotus used to be the best of a bad lot, but we ate there a few months ago, and apparently it's changed hands: in any case, inedible.

        1. re: mainemal

          Thank you for the heads up. Hadn't been there in awhile.

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            FWIW, it has not changed hands at all. The chef is still the same but the front is now run by the daughter since, at different times, both parents had been ill and away in Taiwan

        2. As others noted, you won't find "great" Chinese in these parts. I have found China Rose in Freeport to be consistently good (by Maine standards). (This is not true for their Brunswick location for some reason).

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            I like China Rose, too. I really miss Hu Shang!

          2. I actually have several people who live in NYC who insist on takeout from Fortune Garden on outer Forest Ave. when they are in town. It's takeout only, at:
            1435 Forest Avenue
            Portland, ME 04103-1809
            (207) 878-8989

            Fortune Garden
            1435 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04103

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            1. re: adl

              I, too, like Fortune Garden a whole lot. Especially their Singapore lo mien (medium hot, curry). Please note that they do have three small tables for eating in.

            2. Give Chi Sen on payne rd in Scarborough. Not great, but not too bad.

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              1. re: ChefGrant

                BTW Chia Sen is the only Chinese restaurant in Maine that does fake-meat vegetarian dishes. We're fond of the veggie pork with black bean sauce. Find the veggie beef to be the least successful. None of it is as good as any of the Buddhist veggie places in Boston, NY or Philly, but hey, it's Maine.

                Chia Sen
                456 Payne Rd Ste 14, Scarborough, ME 04074