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May 18, 2010 07:34 PM

Need breakfast or lunch options near Penzey's in Menlo Park

I will be there Sunday morning and I am looking for either a late breakfast or early lunch. It has to be affordable, ($10 - 15 for one person) w/in walking distance of the train station and if it is a bakery has savory options available. Good coffee is always a plus too. Thanks

771 Santa Cruz Ave.

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  1. Barrones is THE place to be in downtown Menlo Park near the train station on a Sunday morning. On a warm, sunny morning eat outside and make sure to visit Kepler's bookstore next door.

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      Yes, it's pleasant enough to sit outside for a visit to the bookstore especially for those who have warm memories of it from childhood. But honestly, do you feel the food's good at Borrone?

      Cafe Borrone
      1010 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA 94025

    2. Sunday's are tricky apparently. Most places I would suggest for early lunch are closed (Cook's, Cafe Silan, Shiok). There is a farmers market Sunday mornings but I am not sure what prepared food they have. You could get a basket of berries, some cheese and nice bread from Draegers (or even Trader Joes) and have a picnic in the tiny "park" near Draeger's. i believe Draeger's bakery has savory items too. Sultana is open at 11 AM and last time i went (a couple of years ago) it was good Turkish food.

      For breakfast joints there is Borrone, Stack's, Crepes Cafe and La Boulanger but can't say the food is that great at any. Borrone and Stack's are very popular.

      Cafe Silan
      867 Santa Cruz Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025

      1. For erudite pub grub, how about The Oasis on El Camino, just North of Stanford Shopping Center (and just over San Francisquito Creek, the county line)?

        Park easily, carve yer name in a table if so moved and eat chicken fingers and read the Financial Times next to a captain of industry and her family...etc...