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May 18, 2010 06:46 PM

ISO: Lowest sodium-clogged soy sauce brands in Toronto

So I'm trying to cut back on my salt intake, but I've been told that I can continue enjoying soy sauce (which I absolutely adore marinating my meats with), in moderation of course, so long as it is low in sodium, as much as possible.

So I'm wondering if anyone knows which brand/brands out there have the lowest sodium content. The generic ones I've found so far are still pretty high in their the 1000s range and higher.

I'm not too concerned with organic vs. non-organic brands at the moment, just the sodium. Also, where these bottles were found would also be appreciated :)

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  1. Of the regular soy sauce in my pantry, Wan Ja Shan vintage soy sauce, from Taiwan, was 25% lower than Kikkoman or Yamasa, and had lots of flavor, sweeter than Japanese. It measured 713 mg per 15 ml or 1 T. T&T sells it for about $4/liter.

    1. I had the same problem, and although not an expert in flavour, I've found the PC and no name brands of soy sauce equally good. Both can be found in No Frills stores, or where other President's Choice brands are stocked. The no name reduced salt sauce has 460mg per 15ml, and the PC (the best I've found so far) has a lowly 400mg per 15ml.

      1. Have you tried Bragg's Liquid Aminos? It's nothing but soybeans and water. It's 160 mg sodium per 1/2 tsp. Admittedly, it's a bit more watery than true soy sauce or tamari, but for your low-sodium needs, it might work. You can get it at most health food stores.

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          That' would make Bragg's twice as salty as the PC soy. 1/2 tsp is 1/6 T or 2.5ml vs 15ml in the standard measurement.

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            You're right! I thought Bragg's would be lower in sodium, given that it's supposed to be healthier than conventional soy sauce.

            So much for that suggestion -- sorry!

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              San-J Light Tamari with 25% less sodium is great. It's around the 700mg/15ml mark too, but much more flavour than regular soy so you might get away with using less.

              I have seen it all over chinatown but couldn't tell you where exactly