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May 18, 2010 05:38 PM

need Northern Ireland recommendations

Hi. I will be in North Ireland - Port Rush and Port Stewart etc. in a few weeks and need some ideas on where and what to eat. Celebrating a buddies birthday, so need one fancy meal, the rest can be anything, the more exotic the better. thanx for your thoughts

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  1. Check out the Ramore restaurants in Portrush. There is a formal restaurant, a wine bar & some other options.

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      If you want a really terrific Ulster Fry try The Georgian House in Comber. It's a real little gem of a place.

      Peter McKonkey the chef, scoured Ireland looking for the best ingredients. Superb black pudding, Organic eggs, thick bacon, meaty sausages, soda bread and potato cakes (all for about £6 with tea)

      The other dishes on the all day menu are great too, so it is well worth seeking out.

    2. If you're in the Ballymena area, the Fish & Chicken Inn was a 2009 national finalist in the chip shop of the year competition.

      Although my pal who works for the local newspaper says it's not a good as used to be. But we old uns always say that sort of thing.