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May 18, 2010 05:34 PM

Waldorf Md. " Here I Come!"

Will be visiting Waldorf several times, with a visiting Baseball team and I am looking for a few great places to "Chow". Looking for simple and cheap, as well as, foods unique to the area. (re: Crabs and BBQ) Also, looking for a place for a brew, after the game.

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  1. Lefty's Barbecue on the north end of town is a must-visit. I also suggest Brasas Grill, a bit further down on Route 301 and recommend the Lomo Saltado. Next door to Brasas is what appears to be a hole in the wall Mexican joint but they can't be beat. Their food is great, prices cheap and portions are HUGE.

    1. About 10-15 miles from Waldorf is Dale's Smokehouse. Take Rte 210 south, on the left, maybe a mile or two south of the intersection with Rte 225. Outstanding ribs, smoky, moist, great texture.

      About 20 mi. fr. Waldorf on Rte 301 south and a right on Pope's Creek Rd is Captain Billy's. Well known place, nice view of the water. Good crabs. Historical interest too, as Pope's Creek was where John Wilkes Booth crossed over into Virginia.

      Dale's Smokehouse
      4645 Indian Head Hwy, Indian Head, MD 20640

      1. I asked the same question to some of the BlueCrabs guys themselves, figuring they'd know the best place for crabs in the stadium vicinity ... the unanimous answer was Gilligan's if that helps. Curious which team you're coming in with (and whether as player or staff) ... if you're an epicurean, would love to talk to you about places to eat in the league (for professional purposes).

        1. I live in Hughesville, a few miles south of Waldorf, and sad to say the 'dorf sucks for good food. I actually the town the Food Morgue. The only place that is worthy of a visit is Silver Skewers. Persian food, very nice, and the owner is very personable. Brasas is okay, but not that great. I know you said crabs, but...everywhere I've been the crabs have been over priced and forgettable. If you are going outside of Waldorf Dale's Smokehouse is good. or the Royal Tea Room in LaPlata is fun, and their crabcake sandwhich is really good.

          Silver Skewers
          2788 Old Washington Rd, Waldorf, MD 20601

          Dale's Smokehouse
          4645 Indian Head Hwy, Indian Head, MD 20640

          Royal Tea Room
          110 Charles St, La Plata, MD 20646

          1. Captain Billy's and Gilligan's have both been suggested for crabs. They are both at Pope's Creek. Cap. Billy's is the older, more traditional crab house. Indoor, with windows on the water. More varied menu, and probably better side dishes. Gilligan's has indoor and open air seating, music and volleyball on the weekends, a good place to take a group for crabs and beer. By the way, the later in the season you go, the bigger (and maybe less expensive) the crabs.