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May 18, 2010 05:33 PM

Food Recs For St. Lucia

Hi all - will be heading to St Lucia in a few weeks and aside from The Edge can anyone recommend some good places to eat? Budget is not a concern and local cheap fare is welcomed as well of course! I have read a few things - all mixed of course about the following:

Marthas Table - more budget friendly
Gees Bon Manje - more budget friendly
Rainforest Hideaway
James De Bois

any info or personal experiences on the above or others not listed would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks - Koko

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  1. Hi

    There are a good number of restaurants in St Lucia, many of which cater to a slightly higher price range. Some to name:

    The Big Chef
    Little Chef (just opened in the last week or so)
    The Coal Pot
    The Pink House
    Memories of Hong Kong
    The Edge as you earlier mentioned
    The Great House
    The Cliff at Cap (Cap Maison Resort)

    For the more local flair:


    The list can go on.. for a more detailed list of places check out, it doesn't have all the full details of all the restaurants but will give you a comprehensive list of places.

    Good luck and good dining!


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      Thanks Chris - will report when i get back as there is not a ton of info out here for St Lucia diners...thanks again...also - the above link did not work but thanks for the effort - koko

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        Hi Koko

        The link works, its just the comma at the end that needs to be removed. Keep me posted and let me know how you get on as I am redoing one of my sites to better showcase things like this.

        It is very old and out of date now hence why I will be launching with a new fresh look and lots more up to date info.

        Here is the other link done a bit better this time -


    2. I'm almost ashamed to reply as its been a VERY long time since I was there.
      With that said...
      Although its been more than 20 years, I still kick myself for not partaking (I was just a kid...) in Gros Islet's Friday night Jump; a street festival with food and drink.
      I would suggest a stop in Marigot Bay for at least a drink - its gorgeous.
      Although I see sketchy reports, I enjoyed the caribbean lobster and view at The Charthouse in Rodney Bay.
      At the time, there was a cool, open-air market in Castries.

      Please do report back, I'd like to hear of your experiences.

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        Well the jump up is really not for kids, especially later in the evening. Lot's of drunkiness.

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            LOL.. My bad, yea that would have been cool to go to, but I'm sure its much better these days than 20 years ago.

      2. I highly recommend Treehouse. The food at Anse Chastenet is delicious. You can also arrange a private torch lit dinner on the beach. This was one of the highlights of my trip.

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          I'll second the Treehouse at Anse Chastenet too.

        2. ok - back and will give some much needed St Lucia feedback! we stayed at Anse Chastenet...first night there we asked some hotel staff for some recommendations as we didnt have reservations until friday and saturday night. more than a few told us Dasheene at Ladera so thats where we went. the view was nothing short of spectacular and the food was pretty good. there wasnt a fish special that really did it for me so i went with the lamb (slightly overcooked) and my wife went with the Shrimp Dasheene...her dish was excellent...the next night we had reservations at Rainforest Hideaway in Marigot Bay...pretty cool cause you get to take a little boat across the inlet to get to it...the food here was very good and i would say its worth the drive from Soufriere and the very short boat ride. we both had seafood (salmon filet and the chili infused shrimp and scallop), the cold thai spiced pumpkin and coconut soup was fantastic and my desert - espresso pot au chocolat was killer...the following night we had reservations and Edge in Rodney Bay and it was excellent - the best meal of the trip hands down...we did the tasting menu and since i dont have it in front of me and since it changes i wont bother with a breakdown right now, we also ordered some tuna sashimi and it was perfect but go there if you can or if its not to far away for you...for me it was well worth the cab ride...the only complaint is that it was a bit rushed and they have no wine pairing to speak of but i was ok with that as i got to do my own and the pours were full glasses (no complaints over here!)...the last night we stayed in and had dinner at Anse Chastenet - they have several restaurants but all of them serve any menu you wish...we had the Treehouse menu...i hate to say this but i cant recall what we even had...not that it was that terrible but it wasnt all that great or memorable...maybe after Edge is why - i dont know but we werent blown away by it...if youre staying at the resort than of course i would say go for it but its not worth a special trip...sorry for the uneven and not too detailed report but to sum it up in order:

          Edge (hands down the best by far)
          Rainforest Hideaway

          as for Anse Chastenet it is a beautiful resort with some of the nicest staff i have ever encountered on a trip...any questions or any specific details ( i know i left a lot out) just ask...koko

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            Hi All
            Just got back from a week in St. Lucia and these posts were all helpful to us and here's our two-cents. We stayed at the Windjammer Landings north of Castries and south of Rodney Bay, so mostly stayed up north for food:

            Ti Banane - Rodney Bay 758-456-2800
            We "discovered" this place during a drive. Carribbean cuisine and moderately priced (wonderful gourmet food that would have rivaled any of the more expensive places). We had the grouper and fried calamari, jerk baby back ribs (good, but not the best my husband had on the island) and boneless stuffed chicken wings for appetizer and some type of shrimp kebab (forgot the name) for an appetizer. One of our favorite meals of the week. Nice ambiance

            Spinnakers - Rodney Bay
            My husband's favorite meal of the whole trip. This is a casual bar/restaurant with a thatched roof where you can sit in the front and look out at the beach and water and Pigeon Island. We went during lunch and he had Jerk Baby Back Ribs and said they were the best he ever had. I had a grilled fish (don't remember what kind) and it was also very good. The lunch portions were large and we weren't hungry for dinner. Good prices - especially for lunch. Not sure if it's always like this, but you turn in at the Rodney Bay police station (Spinnakers is behind it) and the parking lot was all full of water, so you have to drive your car through.

            Authentic local food- - We went for a day of shopping in the vendor booths in Castries and there's an alley in between some of the buildings where there are little local food stands and little tables and lots and lots of locales buying takeout. you're not quite sure what you're eating (we did not choose the cow heels), but we had Curry Chicken. It was $14 EC, which is about $7 US and more then enough for two of us to share -- it had a variety of local rices, noodles, etc -- you can tell them what you want.

            Gros Islet -- Jump Up -- Friday night only
            This is a street fair in the town of Gros Islet. Probably not worth it if you're just docking in St. Lucia for a day on a cruise ship or if you are not at a resort relatively close by for a taxi ride. It was fun, but we only stayed about 30-40 minutes. There's lots of loud music and maybe eventually there is dancing by people other than a few locales who look like they may be homeless. There are lots of food vendors and we ate chicken kebabs also with local side dishes. It was good. Things don't get started until about 9 p.m. The night we were there, there was also one decent sized vendor with jewelry, etc., and a few people walking around selling things.

            Fire Grill -- Rodney Bay
            Great ambiance- food was good. Sides we had were good. There didn't seem to be a need for a reservation for dinner (at some other places you must have reservations -- we tried to drop in at Big Chef Steakhouse and even though it was empty, they said no and then a few full taxi vans pulled up). Pricey.

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                blinfish, thanks for the report, i'll have to remember Ti Banane and Spinnaker next time we go to St. L! Fire Grill is one of our new faves, owned by the same chef as the Edge. (he used to be the head chef at Windjammer.)

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                  Went to Spinnakers last night... DREAM-like location, literally on the beach - we could see and hear the waves only feet from us. Service was dee-lightful from Jenna (?). I love the local people in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, Spinnakers didn't have any ribs, and the food was VERY sadly one of very few disappointing meals since we've been here. Hope they see this and bring back some glory to this magical location - they have everything else going for them.