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May 18, 2010 04:10 PM

Myrtle Beach: Searching for food, but not restaurants

So, we do a big family trip every summer and as fun as it is to go out for dinner, it's a bit of an operation with all the people and it costs a ton of cash. This year we are going to try and eat in for at least half the time.

We'll be a few miles south of Atlantic Beach + North Myrtle (near that Tangiers outlet place). What I'm looking for is a good place to find meat and fish.

Are there proper butcher shops anywhere? Any seafood markets that we shouldn't miss? Farmers markets for vegetables?

Also, are there any mexican-centric grocery stores? How about frou-frou high-end grocery stores?

I know Myrtle is centered around tourists and eating out so this might be tricky.
We have a huge kitchen so I'd like to take advantage of the space and the opportunity to cook food for a lot of people.

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  1. i'd suggest a drive down to murrell's inlet. i buy seafood from these folks:

    murrell's inlet seafood
    4886 business hwy. 17
    murrell's inlet, sc 29576

    located in the town of murrell's inlet, proper. others have their favorites. maybe they'll post as well.

    if you drive down that way stop by lee's:

    lee's farmer's market
    4887 hiway 17 bypass N
    murrell's inlet, sc 29576

    located on the bypass. prime beef, excellent imported cheeses, fresh local produce, some italian specialities, very nice people.

    1. We have all those things but they are more in the Southern part of the Grand Strand.
      I agree with Capt suggestions plus we also use Harrelsons Fish Market and I love the Pawleys Island farmer's market on Wednesday mornings.Myrtle Beach (oak and joe white) also has a farmer's market on Wed and Fri and soon on Saturdays.
      Mexican groceries are on HWY 707...
      Sams and Costco are in the main area.

      1. There's a free circular called Enlace that has helpful ads for lots of Mexican groceries(and other businesses) in Myrtle Beach and eastern NC. All of the Latino businesses around here carry it. It's all in Spanish, but you could get a good idea of who has what with minimal or no Spanish.