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May 18, 2010 03:29 PM

I - 20 From LA to Dallas and I - 30 From Texarkana to Dallas............

What are some mom and pop places to stop for chow and also BBQ joints too. Nothing too far from the Interestate if you can help. I stopped in a place in Hooks, TX a few months ago. Anything interesting now. Thanks.

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  1. Try Off the Bone Barbecue, just off 20 in Ft Worth - the Mansfield Hwy exit. The brisket is very good, as are the green beans and fried okra. The barbecue sauce is sweet, but the meat is good enough that you don't need it.
    Is LA Louisiana or Los Angeles? If the former, some folks like the barbecue at the country tavern in Kilgore, but I found it too dry and tasteless. I did not get a chance to check out Carter's in Longview.
    If the latter, West of DFW, you might try Harold's Pit Bar-B-Q in Abilene

    Harold's Pit Bar-B-Q
    1305 Walnut St, Abilene, TX 79601

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      I'm sorry. LA is Louisiana. I 20 from Shreveport LA to Dallas. Or I 30 from Texarkana TX to Dallas. Thanks.

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        In Marshall, TX, about 4 miles off the interstate, open for lunch only -- P&J Lunchroom. Small, family run, five table soul food restaurant. Really good food, provided your cardiologist isn't looking over your shoulder. Three man courses every day and five or six vegetables. Friday is fried chicken and cat fish -- both superb.