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Phone Apps related to food

I uploaded Mark Bittmans "How To Cook Everything" app to my iphone lastnight. One of the best food apps yet. Easy to use, lots of recipes at my fingertips.

What food-related app's are other chowhounds using?

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  1. ratio, seafood watch, locavore, epicurious

    1. Butcher, for iPod. Good reference for meat cuts.

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        Yelp and Urbanspoon to find restaurants.

      2. How do you use Bittman's app? I got it on free app day, and have tried to use it a few times, but I can never find anything I'm looking for. Would love some tips on how to get the most out of it.

        1. Oysterpedia. Foodspotting. Yelp. Opentable.

          1. Pepperplate - keeps the recipes I find online in a single location, accessible from any of my devices/computers.

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                I love and hate Pepperplate. I love it for all the obvious reasons but it would be so easy -- SO EASY! -- to make it so much better. It's no particularly stable on my Android and a lot of the desktop functionality is missing on the small-screen version. And even on the desktop, you can't search by ingredient, you need another application to get nutrition info, it's a huge pain to share recipes and there's no social element at all.

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                  Just FYI - you can search by ingredient if you add keywords to the recipes (eg chicken, beans, buttermilk). There was recently another discussion about how people tag recipes for easy access - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9124...

                  As for sharing, I can't comment on the Android version, but on the desktop and iPhone/iPad versions, there is a button that allows you to email a recipe to someone. I do this to send my DH directions for cooking stuff I've prepped and left in the fridge.

            1. My phone is an apple does that count?

              1. Yelp, Opentable, every grocery store in my area. I think that's it. I get the most use out of my grocery store apps. It's a quick way of comparing prices for the same items at different stores.

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                  Grocery stores have apps? I must explore this.

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                    Ohh yes! I haven't found one that doesn't have an app yet.

                2. The absolute best app I have ever found is ChefTap. It scans a web page and uses artificial intelligence to recognize a recipe on it, strips out the non-recipe parts, and saves it to a database.

                  The only flaw in it is that it's Android only, and while my phone is Android, my tablet is an iPad. It would be nice to see my recipes in a larger format. Still, it's a near flawless app, and is my favorite way of collecting recipes from the web.

                  Oh, and it's free too.