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May 18, 2010 01:08 PM

Tatami room?

Looking for a sushi place with fresh fish that has a tatami room. (You know, those private rooms with the low table - ideally with a foot well.) We're a group of 7 who live in JP, Brookline, and Newton; so we're looking for Downtown or just outside. I know of Fugakyu.... are there any other options (perhaps slightly less expensive) that anyone can recommend?

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  1. Kaya in Porter Square is a Korean BBQ restaurant that also has Sushi. Not exactly the highest quality Korean or Japanese, but passable and they have a very nice private room with a low table and foot well.

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      I haven't been to Kaya (Cambridge) in a while but it's very good. There also used to be one in Brookline. I never encountered any problems like below.

      1. re: robertlf

        I meant for yakiniku bbq not for sushi. However, the OP did say sushi so my bad...

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        I don't think their Back Bay outpost is there anymore, but if it is similar to the quality in the Back Bay one, I'd say skip Kaya - blech. The sushi was just edible, but not good.

      3. too bad you can't make it out to Oga's in Natick, exactly what you are looking for

        1. Ginza has a tatami room and meets your downtown location and price point. It's OK but not the best for sushi.

          16 Hudson St, Boston, MA 02111

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            Not the best for fried food (ie tempura) either--it tends to squirt not-very-fresh oil when you bite into it. UGH. The grilled fish tends to be passable.