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May 18, 2010 11:25 AM


Coming to Chicago for the NRA Show....

I am looking for an authentic oyster bar in Downtown Area with multiple varieties of East/West Oysters. Great oyster bar atmosphere and great beers....any suggestions....PLEASE!

....also looking for a great sports bar in the same vacinity...

Appreciated all!


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  1. Oyster's ain't my thing, but friends who enjoy them enjoy them at Shaw's:

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      1. re: Toshiro

        Happy Hour at Shaw's is 4pm-6pm with 1/2 price oysters (around $1/ea).

    1. Shaw's is an excellent recommendation; it usually has one of the two best selections of oysters in town. The other is Fulton's -

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        I had the best oysters of my life at Publican.

        1. re: goodnightdean

          Oysters ARE MY THING! Hands down best oysters in Chicago are at The Publican. My husband I went for oysters once a week when we were living nearby. The selection is fanastic! Also, try the ham plate, and the frites with egg. We generally always ordered a 750mL bottle of Malheur to wash it down.

          Oysters at Pubican are one of just a couple things that I miss most about Chicago!

          Make sure you make a reservation at least a couple weeks in advance, because there is generally no way you're walking in and getting a table here.


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            If you go to the Publican, you should be aware that about half the seating consists of two very long communal tables. If you have a preference for seating - either at the communal tables or at your own private table for 2-6 - mention it when making your reservation or in the comments field on They will try to accommodate your preference, although there are no guarantees.