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May 18, 2010 11:14 AM

Lexington, Frankfort Louisville

We'll be in these cities at the end of the month, and I welcome suggestions. We're coming from Washington DC and are especially looking for things we can't get in DC, such as a Hot Brown and other local specialities. The posts I've read seem to indicate that good barbecue is limited to the western part of Kentucky, but there must be some good places in central Kentucky. I'd especially like to try some barbecued mutton.

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  1. Bootleg BBQ @ 9704 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY. 502 - 239 - 2722.
    Brandon's BBQ @ 9901 La Grange Rd., Louisville, KY. 502 - 426 - 6666.
    Firefresh BBQ @ 6435 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY. 502 - 239 - 7800. *
    Hickory House BBQ @ 2307 S. Preston St., Louisville, KY. 502 - 634 - 9111. *
    Marks's Feed Store BBQ @ 1514 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY. 502 - 458 - 1570.
    Pit Stop BBQ @ 13303 Magisterial Drive., Louisville, KY. 502 - 253 - 6740. *
    Scotty's Ribs and More @ 14049 Shelbyville Rd., Louisville, KY. 502 - 244 - 6858.
    Smokey Bones BBQ @ 2525 Hurstbourne Gem Lane, Louisville, KY. 502 - 491 - 7570. *
    Smoketown USA @ 1153 Logan St., Louisville, KY. 502 - 409 - 9180. *

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    1. re: Littleman

      Excellent! which are the best 2 or 3?

      1. re: dcbbq

        Mark's is a chain with several locations in town, but their bbq is respectable.

        Smoketown USA does bbq and Tex-Mex, which is fabulous -- pulled pork tacos with smoky frijoles? YES. The parking around there can be difficult just because there isn't any except on the street, and because Logan is a one-way surrounded by one-ways (though being from DC I reckon you have some experience with crazy roads).

        There's good bbq all over KY, in my opinion. Just look for a spot that's busy, with lots of smoke coming from behind the building! :)

        1. re: dcbbq

          Vince Staten's Old Time BBQ @ 9219 W. U. S. Hwy. 42, Prospect, KY. 502 - 228 - 7427.
          Marks's Feed Store BBQ @ 1514 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY. 502 - 458 - 1570.
          Bootleg BBQ @ 9704 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY. 502 - 239 - 2722.

      2. Well, the trip was dominated by excessive eating at multiple wedding events and driving around the most beautiful countryside on earth, so I was unable to take advantage of your tips. I did have a pretty good lunch at Billy's in Lexington, where I had my first barbecued mutton. In Louisville we ended up eating at Jack Fry's which I really enjoyed -- great trout crusted with potato and cauliflower. The shrimp and grits were apparently so good that my wife didn't offer to share.

        I definitely need another trip to the area

        Jack Fry's
        1007 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40204

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        1. re: dcbbq

          Hooray! I always love it when people get a little enjoyment out of my "neck of the woods"!

          1. re: LauraGrace

            A lot of enjoyment. The wedding festivities were marked with lots of country ham, mini-Hot Browns, and a glass or two of Maker's Mark.

          2. re: dcbbq

            Can you or someone expand on Billy's. Food and address? Pretty Please?

            BBQ Mutton sounds really good. Gate's in KC serves it but I have alway gone for the brisket.

              1. re: BetsyinKY

                Thanks, I checked out Billy's today.

                Definitely not KC barbecue I'm used to, but really good and I enjoyed it a lot.

                I had the mutton sandwich, which came pulled. I was kind of expecting sliced but hey, good is good. Anyway, chopped mutton, sliced red onion and pickle on a hamburger bun. Mutton was slightly gamey with lots of flavor, the onion and pickle complemented the gaminess nicely. Really good sandwich.

                I also had onion ring, I did not care for these. Very little breading, not very crisp, and a little greasy.

                I'll be back, but next time I'll try another side.