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May 18, 2010 11:14 AM

Tropical fruit

As I've been googling about fruit and vegetables that are new to me in Guatemala, I've come across sites with beautiul photos and great information. They are not confined to Guatemala or even Central America, but produce that can be found in Tropical climates world wide.

I thought I'd use this thread to put those links as I find them. Sometimes trying to search the web for a specific type of produce can be difficult.

This site not only has fabulous photos but two nice charts indicating when the fruit is in-season and another page that lists more produce along with the botonical names ... the best way to get correct info on the web as the same piece of produce will have different names in different countries

Some produce on that site that are new to me: Lansium, Copoazu, Imbe, Noni, Cas

Columbian produce that includes:Chontaduro, Uchuva, Papayuela, Mazorca, Lulo, Habas, Guatilla, Granadilla, Curuba, Arracacha

Guatemalan produce ... almost A-Z . So far I have not seen injerto

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  1. Came across this site. It doesn't have any descriptions, only names and drawings.

    Still, it has some fruits that I haven't had much luck googling such as red bananas ... banano morado. Also for my own personal benefit, they use the Guatemalan names for fruit which are often different than elsewhere such as anona for chermoya

    It also has some varieties I haven't seen yet such as cereza blanca. I've tried the slightly tannic dark cereza. Didn't know there was a white variety.

    1. This site has some nice photos with descriptions of Brazilian fruit I've never heard of before such as mangaba, "fruta-do-conde” , Ingá, pitanga, umbu and more.

      I was trying to find some info on a huge green round fruit I saw recently on a tree that was called Morro. So far I'm only turning up a few photos (scroll down

      Ths isn't a great photo but says of the morro "A hard-shelled fruit found in the tropical north of the country... The shell is used to make bowls and the flesh has medicinal properties."

      I don't think it is the same as the Brazilian morro though.


        December seem to be the start of green mango season in Guatemala with street vendors selling bags of them.

        I've had green papaya before in various salads, but never green mango, that I recall.

        At home they are eaten sliced and raw with a side of salt.

        They are fabulous with a lovely citrus flavor. I don't add the salt because they seem to have some natural saltiness to them. Avoid the immature seed which is very bitter. The texture has some crunch and is similar to a de-seeded cucumber, but a bit more solid and not as watery.

        Here's some more info and pictures from Antigua Daily Photo

        Antigua Daily Photo writes

        "green means unripe fruit which is normally served along lemon juice, salt, ground ayote (pumpkin) seeds known as pepitoria, and ground red hot chili pepers"

        Another chowhound post on green mangos