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May 18, 2010 11:07 AM

In ABQ for a conference--need chow help!

I'll be in Albuquerque for a conference--arriving Thursday afternoon and leaving early Sunday morning. Because of the conference I'll only have dinners on Thursday and Friday and all day Saturday. Its my first time in New Mexico, and because of my limited time I'm really only interested in sampling New Mexico cuisine.

The catch is that as far as I know right now I will be carless. I'm assuming that there is not much in the way of public transportation so I guess I'll need to be in cabbing distance from the hotel. We are staying at the Marriott Pyramid which is apparently in something called the Journal Center Business Complex (the conference is at the State Bar also in the Journal Center). Any recs nearby? Anything from hole in the walls on up. I have no plan at all for Saturday other than exploring the city, maybe finding some way to see some of New Mexico's natural beauty, so I'm happy to structure my day around food if such a thing is possible. I want to hit a Lotta burger and have heard great things about Berelas. Are these anywhere near me?

thanks in advance! I'm looking forward to my one day of being a tourist in your city.

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  1. Barelas is not near you and this is probably the closests Lotta burger, and it's on the other side of interstate: Store #35
    6215 SAN ANTONIO DR NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109 map
    | (505) 821-1958 |
    | Breakfast | Drive Thru |

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      Thanks, any other recs? Will I be able to get to Beralas by cab (or other transporation) or do you know of anything worthwhile in the area?

    2. You are in a bad location to be without a car, well north of downtown and the central avenue/university area. I really would try to go in with someone and rent a car, if only for Saturday, and drive north to Santa Fe, stopping at a couple of non-casino pueblos, or West to Sky City.
      You are, however, within easy cab range - about 4 miles - of Sadie's at 6230 4th st NW. Sadie's is a former hole in the wall (actualy a hole in abowling alley) that, by virtue of excellent New Mexican food (i.e., great green chile sauce) and - honestly - the best salsa in the world, now is in a large non-hole space. The food quality has not suffered in the transition..

      1. Lottaburger is the best chain hamburger in the USA , double green chile. I think there's something like 15 of them in ABQ.