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May 18, 2010 09:34 AM

idea to use up port?

I bought port for a plum tart and now its just taking up space on my bar. I wouldnt really drink it straight but would love some ideas on how to cook with it. Its pretty decent quality for what thats worth. Thanks!

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      1. I went to Epicurious and searched for port as an ingredient. Came up with 166 recipes. Good place to start:

        1. Get yourself a nice hunk of Roquefort and enjoy the two together. I do not like either port or Roquefort on their own, but the two together is a match made in heaven.

          1. Pears poached in port, fresh grated ginger and honey or sugar - delicious. After the pears have softened, remove them and boil the sauce down. Serve warm, room temp or cold with the reduced sauce and a little greek yogurt or whipped cream.