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May 18, 2010 09:22 AM

sonic...why does the courant give them all this free publicity???

What is all this business about "Sonic" coming to CT. I have never seen such an overblown marketing reeks of the Krispy Creme debacle...

Sonic is an absolutely mediocre style burger...look at the pic on their web site...nothing more...nothing less...I do like hte Tetson's style take out...and the car hops...

Having tasted them...and having been a loyal " In n Out" customer...ther is no comparison...

I guess my biggest question is that with all the local restaurants trying to find a way to get free publicity...why is it that the Hartford Courant seems to think they are on to something new and great...

After one one will know the difference...

I will always look for a local place over the chains...

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  1. Has Sonic been running ads in the Courant? That might provide an answer.

    1. I canceled my Courant subscrip. after one year. The paper is terrible. Misspellings/incorrect grammar/poor writing...I didn't even like the food section. Sonic is a nice alternative to McDonalds, but their burgers can't hold a candle to In n Out tastewise (or 5 Guys, for that matter). I do like the varied menu- it's like Dutchess (which we do not have here in central CT).

      1. they have to fill up space, it is a big deal for a while
        in northern nj where i live they had to have cops out for crowd control and one even had his leg broken by an irate driver
        their ice of all things is the best in the world and their cherry limeade with or without ice cream is sick
        the fries and the rest are mediocre at best
        the car hop and roler blade thing is cool tho
        happy hour between two and four half price drinks is creative.