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May 18, 2010 09:09 AM

Vacationing in Boca Raton - Where to eat???

My family and I will be arriving in Boca Raton next week for a week-long vacation. Looking for some dining suggestions. Perhaps a great deli, best pizza, good breakfast then a nicer place for just the adults. We like all kinds of food, but definitely want to stay away from all chains or food that I can eat anytime in Ohio. Thanks!

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  1. Dominics II for the best pizza! There's lots of good bagel places in Boca for breakfast, most I've tried are good, pick one. I can think of three NY style delis, but all are chains. Really, good luck avoiding chains. There are a whole lot of chain restaurants in the Mouth of the Rat...

    Here's a blog post I did a while back on Dominic's pizza in case you're interested:

    1. re-post this on the Miami board which now includes north to West Palm. Most of us in So Fl don't look at the Fl board much.

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        1. For a really nice adult evening try Le Rivage for French cuisine. Delicious and definitely not a chain!

          1. Renzo's of Boca for Italian, Abe & Louie's for steak and Renzo's Cafe for pizza!

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              Agreed on Renzo's of my favorite Italian places, Shrimp the size of lobster tails

              Pass on Abe n Louie's - something wrong when a steakhouse cant cook a steak medium rare...had to send it back 3 times and I never send anything back. Wife got the 3 lb lobster, came litterally frozen in the middle...At that price frozen maine thanks!

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                If you're not in the mood for pizza pie, Renzo's makes awesome Calzone's.