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May 18, 2010 08:58 AM

Pasadena to Northern California via the 395 - any good bakeries/natural food stores/fruit stands?

The bakery in Bishop is great -but that is the only thing I can remember on the 395. We are on a road trip and will stop by Mono Lake and then up by the Lava Tube National Monument - I hear the restaurants choices are pretty limited but do you have any suggestions for bakeries? Natural food or good grocery stores? Fruit stands and farmers' markets are also appreciated (though I know I am asking for the moon here!)

Thanks for your help! I will post anything good we come across when we return for the trip.

We are also traveling through Oregon so I will post to that forum.

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  1. Erick Schat's bakery is the one in Bishop on this route that looks enticing but personally I found it perfectly awful on all counts. It will beckon you for sure because of its kitschy appearance, but see if you can resist its apparent novelty on this road. Every single bread product they put out is wholly inferior and way overpriced.

    1. Don't miss the Whoa Nellie Deli in Lee Vining (it's in the gas station just west of the Yosemite turnoff. The Texas(?) BBQ in Walker is pretty good too.

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        A couple of weeks ago we ate at Mountain View BBQ in Walker, is that the one you are talking about? The sliced beef was awful. It was tough as shoe leather. It appeared to need another 3-4 hours to cook. It was some of the worse brisket I've ever had. Luckily my husband had ordered that. I had a pulled pork sandwich or a chopped beef sandwich, can't remember which and it was okay, nothing great.

        However, the cheese and bacon fries were in the top 3 fries dishes I've ever had in my life. They were awesome and the dish was huge. Enough for at least 4 people. I would go back again in a heartbeat just for those fries.

      2. I've been to the Carson City Farmer's Mkt downtown, but in the fall. It is early there, lots of snow on the ground just a month ago. It may be just greens and things for now. That goes for the whole east side up into Oregon.

        try here for info:

        1. Thanks the suggestions - I will definitely stop in Lee Vining and check out the famers' market.

          On another trip, we ate pastries at the bakery in Bishop - and maybe they weren't the best in the world but they were 'good enough' given the paucity of choices east of the Sierras.

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            You can get powdered sugar donuts in any supermarket along the way. They are good enough too.

          2. I like Walker Burger in Walker, of course! I believe they are open seasonally though.

            Walker Burger
            107008 US Highway 395, Coleville, CA 96107

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              30 minutes to get an overcooked burger on a nondescript bun with shredded iceberg lettuce, fairly tastless tomato and cheese is not a good deal. The onion rings were Sysco type frozen and the ranch dressing was right out of a bulk bottle... Was not impressed--It was about 2:30, so I was not there at prime time. Mt. View Barbecue is a much better stop in Walker.