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May 18, 2010 08:18 AM

peninsular, greenwich [London]

has anyone eaten a la carte in the evening here?

i've enjoyed dim sum lunches but reviews for evening a la carte seem to be very mixed and i'm looking for a greenwich evening option which is reliable.


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    1. re: medgirl

      inside is quite nice. the old brewery is the best option though. it's cracking.

      1. re: alexdz

        we actually ended up at the old brewery alex! and thanks for the tip about inside medgirl, will look it up for another time.

        all starters/mains were good but the best was definitely the deep fried poached duck egg on asparagus and mushrooms with hollandaise.

        mixed puddings though - the eton mess was particularly disappointing - too sweet and it had blueberries in it.

        i've enjoyed their burgers on previous trips. good chips too.

        1. re: abby d

          i've not done their puddings yet. last time we went was for a birthday and they let us bring our own cake in. very nice of them.