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May 18, 2010 07:02 AM

Has anyone visited the newly renovated Gino's in Jeffersonville?

Gino's recently moved over to a larger, newly renovated space next door (and i believe retained the old space for private functions). Heard a grumbling that the new larger space has stretched the service a bit thin. Looks gorgeous from the outside driving by; and always busy.

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  1. Funny I went there on Sunday evening with my boyfriends family. I had not been there before the renovation but his grandparents had. The food was decent but the service was not.

    The waitress was friendly enough but very slow. After dinner we waited forever to get the check and then had to wait even longer (to the point of going up front to pay) in order to leave.

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    1. re: brianaface

      hahaha. my 'grumbling' brother was their the same night and had a very similar experience.

      1. re: VTRP

        And I was there Sunday night around 5, 5:30pm and the service was lacking. The food was okay - no complaints about that but the service needs to be improved.

        1. re: cheesewit

          service still horribly inadequate. the wait staff seems like they just dont care. too bad, nice new renovation and good food.

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      1. Regulars must either be used to it or get the lopsided service that the others are missing. I don't know if it's the absolute best italian food in the area, but it is very good. Only reason i go back and bear it.

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