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May 18, 2010 06:03 AM

Retail Cheese in Baltimore

I was recently in Eddie's on N. Charles and was pleasantly surprised by the cheese selection. Lots of Neal's Yard items, which have dried up around Baltimore the past few years. Got some Keen's cheddar, my 2nd favorite next to Montgomery. Any other good cheese places in town? Wegman's has dumbed down over the years, not what it used to be when it first opened. The Wine Source has never been the same since Bill left and got a job in the environmental field. To my knowledge Eddie's is the best thing going now.


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  1. The Harbor East Whole Foods has a pretty good cheese selection, and the place in Belvedere Square.

    1. I think you're hosed, Rich. At least until he retires or gets fired ;^ )
      Have you been to Cowgirl Creamery in D.C. yet?

      1. Rich, If you get to Whole Foods in Mt. Washington check out Monocacy Ash from Cherry Glen Goat Cheese in Boyds, MD. Whole Foods also has 2 or 3 Herve Mons cheeses as well as some random Jasper Hill Cellars cheeses.