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May 18, 2010 05:40 AM

Traveling to HK in Sept. Need good food places!

anyones help would be much appreciated, I'm a chef from Australia travelling to Hong Kong in September and trying to book places to eat while there, im in HK for 8 days and Beijing for 6 days. doesn't have to be michelin starred restaurants! Just looking food good food, different things, price isnt a problem. Thanks in advance :D

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  1. Is there any thing specific you are looking to eat or don't eat? Mainly Chinese or other types of cuisines? I'm personally don't about super expensive food so I'll leave the Michelin suggestions to the others. Here are a few of my picks (all are on Hong Kong Island since that is where I usually eat):

    Manor Seafood Restaurant (富瑤酒家) - It's in Causeway Bay. Items you should consider ordering:

    - Gold Coin Chicken (古法金錢雞): It's actually a 'sandwich' with a filling of BBQ pork, lean pork and chicken liver
    - Flower Crab Steamed with Chicken Fat and Huadiao Wine (雞油花雕蒸蟹): I heard you can ask them to mix the leftover sauce with some e-fu noodles (伊麵) as well.
    - Signature Stir-Fried Noodles with Soy Sauce (招牌豉油皇炒麵)
    - Deep-Fried Cubes of Eggplant With Salty Egg Yolk (咸蛋黃茄子粒)
    - Oysters with Ginger and Scallion (姜葱焗蠔) or Abalone with Ginger and Scallion (姜葱鮑魚煲): Both these dishes are cooked in claypots and sizzling hot.

    English reviews:

    Fu Sing (富聲魚翅海鮮酒家) - It's in Wanchai. Items you should consider ordering:

    - BBQ Pork (和哥义燒): They are famous for the BBQ pork here. A must order.
    - Chinese Lettuce with Home-made Shrimp Paste in Hot Pot (蝦醬生菜煲
    )- Braised OX tail in Red Wine (紅酒炆牛尾)
    - Fried Crystal Noodle (干燒粉絲煲)

    English reviews:

    Ding Tai Fung (鼎泰豐) - I prefer the one in Tsim Sha Tsui. Pretty good simple Taiwanese/Shanghai food. Items you should consider ordering:

    - Xiao Long Bao (小籠包
    )- Meat and Vegetable Bun (菜肉包)
    - Hot and Sour Soup (酸辣湯)
    - Dan Dan Noodles (台式擔擔撈麵)
    - Egg & Pork Fried Rice (排骨蛋抄飯)
    - Almond Tofu Fa (杏仁豆腐花)

    English Reviews:

    Other places you should consider trying:

    Tonkichi Tonkatsu Seafood (丼吉日本吉列專門店餐廳) - Super odd I would suggest a Japanese place in Hong Kong but their tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) is quite awesome. This place is in Causeway Bay. They have multiple cuts of pork but personally I prefer their pork loin set lunch.

    English Reviews:

    Tai Cheong Bakery (泰昌餅家) - No trip to Hong Kong would be complete without trying the local egg tart. This place is in Central. Generally there are 2 kinds: a one with shortbread/pie crust (Western version) and a flaky multi-layer crust (Chinese version). Personally I prefer the western version and Tai Cheong is pretty much the best in the business at it. The important thing is to get a hot egg tart (and not a cold one).

    English Reviews:

    Wai Kee (清真惠記) - Another dirt cheap place for lunch. This place is in Wanchai inside a wet market. They basically only have 2 standout dishes: roast duck over rice and lamb curry over rice. Both are great.

    English Reviews:

    Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園): If you are wandering around Central and need a snack go to this dai pai dong (大牌檔). Dai pai dongs basically means a Chinese open air food stall. Although they are famous for a few things I just order their pork chop bun. It might look sad visually (like a smushed burger) but it is very tasty.

    English Reviews:

    Sing Heung Yuen (勝香園) - Another go to dai pai dong in Central. My favorite dish here is their "chui chui" (脆脆) with condensed milk. Basically their chui chui is a Chinese style of toast. Sweet and delicious.

    English Reviews:

    Coffee Assembly (咖啡會館) - I'm not a coffee person but whenever I want to bring my friends to a good chill coffee place Coffee Assembly is the place I go to. This place is in Central (Soho). Coffee is good and the place feels like you are sitting in someone's living room.

    English Reviews:

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    1. re: big_apple_ken

      Thanks so much Ken that list is awesome I'm half way thru going through your links!

      I'll be more specific I'm looking for regional cuisine I'm not coming over to eat French although I'll be going to caprice... Little worried about LKH

      looking for great roast goose, Peking duck and good street food and good Michelin places

      1. re: Sulzeer

        Interesting to note how the above posting and recommendation by Big Apple Ken on both the Manor and Fu Sing resembles almost word for word to those posted by fellow chowhounder 'Fourseasons' a while back?!!

        Based on results of a number of chowmeets held about a month back attended by both local and overseas foodies, I would like to chip in with a few 'updated' comments:

        First off, even though both The Manor and Fu Sing are not Michelin star rated, however, pricewise, they are in the same league as other Michelin star establishments such as Lei Gardens, Farm House, Dynasty or Golden Leaf....etc

        Foodwise, The Manor and Fu Sing are very similar in style. If one is going to the Manor, then I would by-pass Fu Sing and try out something different like ' The Chairman' instead! The latter has very tasty and innovative food! However, one needs to make reservations about a month ahead!

        Back to Fu Sing. Based on our latest chowmeet dinner there, I noticed quality has gone downhill! The Wor Gor B-B-Q pork was quite ordinary and no longer provides the 'wow' factor. B-B-Q meat at the Manor is equally superior if not better. The fried crystal vermicelli in clay pot was so-so. A much tastier version is available at 'Fan Tang' at Causeway Bay. Lastly, the ' house specialty' red wine braised oxtail was way over-rated!! Not only was it mediocre, it tasted actually kind of ' bland'! Any decent French Bistro can do a better job!

        You can kill two birds with one stone by having Roast goose at the Michelin 1* Yung Kee. Try booking the 4th floor! Somehow, food seems to be better up there?! The won-ton noodles at Mak's across the road from Yung Kee is one of the best in town. Definitely worth trying a bowl. If you are adventurous enough, head over to 'Snake King 2' in Causeway Bay and try out their snake soup, fresh duck liver Chinese sausage and their pretty good B-B-Q meat.. Very reasonable price!!

        As for ' Chinese' Michelin establishments, worth trying are definitely Fook Lam Moon, Lei Garden- Wan Chai branch and Golden Leaf. I also heard good things about the 'Celebrity'. Though I've eaten in the first three, I didn't make it to the Celebrity during my last trip! Sigh!. If you have the time, I would also take the train to Tai Wai in the New Territories and try out '' Fung Lam " across from the station. Must try dishes are their ' Fried live sea prawns in peppered salt ' and the world famous ' Roasted pigeons' The latter, be sure to order it 'whole'! Do not let them cut it up! The pleasure is to bite into the whole crispy skin juicy bird!!

        For western, in addition to the must try Caprice, I found the 2* L'Atelier Robuchon quite amazing too. Almost as good as the Paris and Tokyo ones!

        Have Fun!!!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          Pretty much guarantee if the wording was close it wasn't intentional. I mainly looked at reviews from Openrice and blog entries from Peech & Jason Bon Viviant and summarized the information. The original 3 recommendations (Manor, Fu Sing and DTF) was emailed to a friend of mine visiting HK a few months back but I thought it was appropriate to repost the info.

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Thanks for the suggestions Charles, I have a list as long as my arm to try and visit now but im only over there for 2 weeks haha

            I think the hardest part will be finding these places.. then theres the language barrier which really is freaking me out!

            Fook Lam Moon, were staying in Kowloon, is there big differences between different branches? like Lei Garden and Fook Lam Moon between HK or Kowloon?

            1. re: Sulzeer

              A foodie buddy of mine just came back from a two weeks eating spree in HK, Macau, Singapore and China. He actually tried out Fook Lam Moon in both locations and found the food in the Kowloon location better!! To each his own!!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Thats right! I think I have picked 4 places I really want to go to and the rest ill try organise days before or when there and just stumble across somewhere, everywhere is gonna be different to what I have experienced. A Top top chef from here just got back from HK and thought LKH was amazing... which is totally diff to what ppl say on this board.

                1. re: Sulzeer

                  It is not surprising to hear your top chef friend like the meal at LKH. In Chinese cuisine, it really depends on what you order and if you know what to order. The menu of a Chinese restaurant whether it is Cantonese cuisine or Shanghai cuisine,etc usually has a lots of items in there. Do you want what your friend order at LKH, does he/she have dim sum or dinner there ? I remember I saw a blogger with the name Andy H. ?, he orders peking duck and Gai Lan in almost every michelin chinese restaurants he visits and then complain about the food, it is just a joke to me.

                  1. re: skylineR33

                    He had bamboo pith and matsatake double boiled soup & Suckling pig among some other things, He had really good yum cha at Tim Ho Wan? recommends the cheung fun and har gow. and at Tims Kitchen HK Stir Fried Garoupa, Salt and Pepper Craw Claw, 8 treasure duck and crisp chicken

                    1. re: Sulzeer

                      Sounds good to me! I'll stick with those choices as well! Tim Ho Wan!! Wow! How long did he wait?!
                      BTW, IMO, the poached crab claw with winter melon in a Sheung Tong broth of Tim's kitchen its a better preparation method that enhances the delicate sweet flavour of the crab. Salt and pepper version is delish but sometimes I find the spicy and saltiness a bit too overpowering for delicate seafood! Only dish S&P preparation is good for is 'Mantis Prawns' since the creature is kind of tasteless.

                      1. re: Charles Yu

                        yeah not keen on waiting two hours to be honest would rather spend more money and make more use of my time there so tim ho wan is off i think

      2. These are some of the places that im going to try to go to while over in HK.

        Lung King Heen (surely is cant be as bad as everyone says if it is 3 stars! Would really like to know more about this place...)
        Bo Innovation (anyone got an opinion on this place? seen him on No reservations and it looked really cool and different.. hearing it is sliding?)
        Lei Garden
        Summer Palace
        The Square
        Ming Court
        L'Atelier Robuchon
        T'ang Court
        Yung Kee
        Fu Sing
        Ding Tai Fung

        and in Macau
        Tims Kitchen
        Robuchon a Galera - probably lunch, its really expensive dinners?

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        1. re: Sulzeer

          Wow! That is quite a list!! For sure you would need some major 'work-out' to get rid of some of those calories!! Ha!

          I've only been to the Fook Lam Moon on HK side ( which was great ) so I cannot vouch for the quality of the Kowloon branch. However, as for Lei Garden, one can definitely detect variation in quality from one branch to the other. This, I think is to do with where their BEST chefs are located. To date, I understand the executive chef of the organization is still making the Wan Chai branch his nest, so the Wan Chai branch is where most seasoned local and overseas foodies like to go. However, decor and ambience wise the IFC branch is superior. Local foodie guru like Peech, HK Traveller or e.ting can correct me, if I'm wrong.

          Lung King Heen with its excellent Dim Sum, harbour view, decor and service is a great place for lunch. Dinner wise, their food is at par with some of the better 'hotel Chinese restaurants' on your list, so you can make a pass at it.

          To foodies who had frequented Bo Innovation in the past, the common consensus is that his quality and standard indeed has gone down hill. However, if its your first time, guess its worth the visit to experience the ' sino-western' molecular fusion gastronomy?!

          Ming Court, Tang Court, Summer Palace are ALL your typical hotel restaurants and are almost alike. I would definitely substitute at least one or two by choosing ' The Chairman' and the Manor instead!

          Galera Robuchons dinner pricing is the same as your typical Michelin 2-3* stalwarts. However, there business luncheon is really a great deal. So, if you are already planning to have a meal at L'Atelier and Caprice ( a must ), I would skip the Galera's dinner.

          To your list, I would defenitely add Tasty and/or Mak's to it. Their homey 'snack' food like won-ton noodle and braised beef briskets and tendons are a must for overseas foodies!!

          Start salivating!!!

          1. re: Sulzeer

            I would definitely scratch Summer Palace and the Square off the list.
            Only reason to choose either Ming or T'ang Court is becos u r staying in Kowloon.
            My dislike for LKH (admittedly based only on 1 meal) is well-known.
            Do Tim's Kitchen in HK, not in Macau.
            Only certain branches of Lei Garden are worth going to - I have sworn off the IFC branch.

            1. re: Peech

              Its about time I got a reply from Peech! Been reading through your blog since i found this site.

              Its all pretty much on Hong Kong Island side hey? we were originally staying on that side but a travel agent said Kowloon side was better and that the ferry across will cost us like 11 cents Australian so thats not a huge deal...

              What are your suggestions Peech? if you could give me three or four places and what you would definately order that would be great.

              WanChai Lei Garden branch worth going?

              While your dislike for LKH is well know its not only you... I dont understand if noone enjoys it how it maintains this 3 star status..

              1. re: Sulzeer

                I am going to assume that you will be traveling solo or in a small group, which precludes big Chinese meals that I blog about a lot. I always end up basing my recommendations this way...hence always the same results...

                Try Bo once if you think molecular is your thing. Haven't found anyone else doing Chinese molecular yet.

                Tim's Kitchen has small dishes, and some dishes come in individual portions - the prawn and crab claw, for example. Latest visit:

                I would also do Tasty Congee, with the IFC branch probably being easiest for you. Stir-fried flat rice noodles with beef and soy sauce is excellent, as are their selection of congees and other types of noodles. Their dim sum selection, while small, is excellent quality and available at night.

                You can try Tien Heung Lau on the Kowloon of the few restaurants worth crossing the harbor for. Easier to do lunch there in small groups, although I've only been for dinner. Last visit -

                1. re: Peech

                  yeah just me and the girlfriend...

                  Bo has sorta been a need to go destination, about two years ago he was on Bourdains No Reservations and it just looked amazing, this was one of the first reasons why I wanted to visit the area to go and try his food. Have had past experiences with molecular... its interesting to a point when its done for reason not because it looks different. Concerned his standards seem to be slipping.

                  Travelling isnt an issue, It will depend on what we are doing on the day... the part Im not sure about is the getting back to Kowloon late at night? Ferries dont go all night? does Rail? Taxis? what would a taxi cost from Wan chai to Kowloon?

                  So i think i have decided where we definately will be going Caprice, Bo Innovation, L'Atelier Robuchon, Yung Kee, Fu Sing and Ding Tai Fung

                  Lunch ideas? other than Tien Heung Lau, cheap lunches?

                  1. re: Sulzeer

                    Lunch: dim sum! Do Fook Lam Moon, Fan Tang, Victoria Seafood, Fu Sing...etc

                    I'd also do DTF for lunch and not dinner. It's really a breakfast/lunch kinda place and not dinner.

                    Plus noodle/congee shops like Tasty...

                    1. re: Sulzeer

                      My dinner experience at Fu Sing two months ago, with two chowhounders, one from New York and one from Austria was a disappointment. Fellow CHer Fourseasons had a great meal at the Manor about the same time. May be you should take a look at that rather than Fu Sing?!
                      Agree with Peech! Lunch at Tasty is a great idea! But be sure to avoid the noon hours if you decide to try the one in IFC! Major lineups due to office workers from tower block above! Most of them treat it as their personal 'canteen'!!

                      1. re: Charles Yu

                        Im having trouble figuring out the transport system, From HK Island to Kowloon side, Ferries stop at 10:50pm? Not many or any taxis will go there? and MTR isnt running after 11? can someone help me with this i know its not food related but kind of important. If im in HK Island at say midnight or later how do i get back to my hotel in Kowloon?

                        1. re: Sulzeer

                          MTR the way to go and it runs much later than 11!! Worse come to worse, take a taxi! Should cost you less than US$10. Forget about the ferry. Too slow. Unless you want to take in the habour lights at night?!

                          1. re: Charles Yu

                            Cheers for the quick reply Charles, So i shouldnt have troubles getting back to the hotel, awesome.

                            1. re: Sulzeer

                              Just out of curiosity, which hotel in Kowloon will you be staying in? If it is along the busy/popular 'Nathan Road' stretch, last train on that line should be around 1.00am at least?!

                              1. re: Charles Yu

                                The last train on the red Tsuen Wan Line from HK side to KL side leaves Central at 0054 hrs, stops at TST at 0059 hrs and Mong Kok at 0106 hrs.

                                1. re: Charles Yu

                                  Staying at the Park Hotel, on Chatham Rd Sth just off Nathan Rd, closest MTR is Tsim Sha Tsui on Nathan Rd

              2. Okay! so less than three weeks to go and i am so excited! Have booked LKH and Caprice,

                Need a place to eat at in Macau on a Tuesday that is near the Venetian hotel, seeing a show there that night and would like to dine somewhere nice in that area.

                Also would like some suggestions for Beijing dining... there for 5 days.

                So i think im going to book

                Tims Kitchen HK
                Bo Innovation

                Have two nights left in HK to plan for

                and what place to eat at while staying at disneyland?