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Mark Barry's Rest. Orange

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Does anyone know anything about this restaurant and when it is opening up? Former site of Liquid Venue.

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  1. I've wondered the same thing. And such a shame that nothing has stuck since the good ole Jacob Marley's days. Once that Marley owner died, it was never the same, and his wife (or girlfriend) was so nice and tried hard; since then, nothing has been as good or had that nice neighborhood atmosphere. I was googling Mark Berry just this week to see if I could find out anything about it. I may have spelled it wrong. Thanks for posting.

    1. Look what I just found, when I spelled it the way you did!

      Opening 5/19
      and ad says: "If you liked Jacob Marley's, you will love Mark Barrys."

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        I went by there yesterday on my lunchtime and noticed it was open. They should do more advertising and at least start a website. I agree Jacob Marley's was the best.