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May 18, 2010 05:25 AM

pink lemonade cake that doesn't begin with a boxed mix?

So my sister-in-law mentioned a wonderful pink lemonade cake with raspberry frosting that she got from a bakery for a party. Now I'm obsessed with making such a thing for a dinner party I'm having this weekend. All the recipes that I've found on the web begin with "start with a box of white cake mix". Now I suppose I could figure out what the home made equivalent of 'white cake mix" is, but I'd really rather start with a real recipe for such a thing. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. This recipe is for cupcakes, but maybe you could adjust it?

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    1. What about making this delicious meyer lemon cake?

      With some pink food coloring it'd be a delicious pink lemonade cake.
      I'd then make the raspberry buttercream from the Cake Bible and it'd be amazing. Now I want to try this...

      1. Recipe for Lemonade Layer Cake (the frosting also includes lemonade but you can easily change it to Raspberry):

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          I highly recommend this recipe. I have made it for several years to rave reviews. Moist cake and lemony cream cheese icing.

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            Great! I'd already decided to give this one a whirl. Thanks-

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            I made this recipe-- Fantastic! thanks-- I made it exactly as written (skipping the idea of raspberry this time around). The frosting is more of a cross between a glaze and a regular frosting. We all really enjoyed it.

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              DGesh, thanks for reporting back and so glad it worked out great.

              I saved the recipe from an earlier thread about Lemon Cakes but I haven't made it yet. I wonder what would happen if you increased the amount of Frozen Lemonade Concentrate (Cake recipe calls for 3 Tablespoon of Concentrate)? More added moisture produce a more dense cake?

              DGesh, do you plan on making the Pink Lemonade Cupcake Recipe? PLease report back if you do.

              The Pink Lemonade Cupcake Recipe listed above calls for 1/3 cup Lemonade Concentrate to 1 cup flour while the Lemonade Cake Recipe cals for 3 Tablespoons Lemonade Concentrate to 2 Cups Flour.

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                It was plenty lemony as is (though I imagine I probably added more lemond rind than called for; I use a microplane which is fluffy and I always increase by a factor of 2 or 3)-- I don't really plan to do the cupcake recipe, after reading some of the comments which were not too favorable.

                One thing is that I used pink lemonade concentrate rather than regular (as it was all my grocery store had at the time). I was concerned about a pinkish but not really pink color (as the cupcake recipe calls for food coloring in addition), but neither the cake nor the frosting showed any effect.