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May 17, 2010 09:37 PM

here's the challenge....

we've lived in LA a year, but get out rarely. wife due in two weeks. in-laws arrive tomorrow, so this saturday night is our chance to get out. we live westside, so don't want to travel to end of the earth or pasadena, but could manage somewhere in between. suggestions on the best and quaint where we could get a seat short notice.

separate question. dying to try animal and thinking about taking my parents. worth it?

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    1. re: buttermarblepopcorn

      giving it a go, but guessing a reservation on short notice is a struggle...... thus the challenge

      1. re: pcs

        A few weeks back, a friend and I walked into Animal at 7:30 or 8 and with a five minute wait, got two seats at the bar. Now, if your wife is 9 months pregnant, she might not want to sit on a high barstool (although I think it had a back) which could be an issue, and, it might not be the best time for her to eat that rich, heavy food, either. Is it worth it? The food is unusual and memorable--and a lot of fun to eat.

        1. re: pcs

          you wont know until you call them to find out! i got last minute rsvps from them before.

      2. Check Open Table for the times you have in mind. Not everyone is on it, but you can get the system to display everything in your area that has an opening.

        1. "don't want to travel to end of the earth or pasadena"

          That's one of the funniest things I've ever read on chowhound. :-) Congrats on the upcoming birth.