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May 17, 2010 09:23 PM

Barcelona Nightlife

Do you have any suggestions for nightlife in Barcelona? My husband and I will be there for just a few nights. One night we will have dinner at Inopia and our second night we will likely be eating in Eixample near our hotel (Paco Meralgo or Tapac24) or tapa hopping in El Born area. We're 30, not really "clubbing" type people, but would enjoy an upscale bar or lounge type of place. Atmosphere is a plus. I'm not really sure what our options are, so I'm open to learning more about our choices and your recommendations. We don't want to be required to drop $150 to have a few drinks but would enjoy a unique, fun and happening experience. Also, we'd enjoy a place where we could look nice, but still be wearing jeans if possible. Thoughts?

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  1. This is the kind of post title that gives the mods a shit fit. Before this thread is removed, I hope you have time to note:
    1. Around Paco Meralgo, at night iti is absolutely dead. That's why I always prefer to go for lunch there.
    2. In Born area, my fave bar is Miramelindo right on Passeig del Born. It makes an excellent Mojito - fresh, from scratch, - and it is even non-smoking !
    In the same area, another good bar is Borneo. I also like La Fianna on the tiny lane of Carrer dels Banys Vells between Montcada and Argenteria.
    3. From Tapas 24 it is easier to walk to the Raval area of the old town, to the bars on and around Elisabets, such as at Kasparo, Plaça de Vicenç Martorell. But call me a geezer; at night I would not go on the Ramblas or in the area between the Raval and the port.