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May 17, 2010 08:29 PM

Baru Latino: what's good?

It would appear there are exactly no posts on CH about Baru Latino. It's been a while since I dined there, but I note they still have the flat-iron steak with chimuchurri I had last time, and the mojitos. Anybody been recently and have recs? Or things to avoid? Birthday party there this Saturday... TIA for any thoughts you may have.

Baru Latino Restaurante
2535 Alma St, Vancouver, BC V6R2C1, CA

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  1. Their Ceviche is always a solid choice-not avant garde but decent value.

    1. I agree, the ceviche is good and I like a blended mojito with those vegetable chips, but find the salsas a little bland. The fried plantains are kind of yummy in a fatty rich kind of way.

      1. yea the ceviche and the chips were what i remembered liking.....

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        1. re: betterthanbourdain

          "find the salsas a little bland"

          The owners are from Ecuador and Colombia-both countries notable for rather bland unexciting food.

          Colombians in particular have a deep seated fear of spices of any kind.

          1. re: Sam Salmon

            Waver finds the salsas a little bland at Baru -- Sam comments "Colombians in particular have a deep seated fear of spices of any kind."

            Hmm, it's been a loooonggg time since I was in Colombia but I remember some plenty spicy aji picante with my empanadas and patacones. It was also flavourful, like the Argentinian chimichurri I have sampled here and in the States (we never made it to the Cono Sur, sadly). So if by bland you mean no flavour, I'm wondering. And likewise if by bland you mean no fire, also wondering. I do recall thinking that some of the things you dipped or slathered in the aji or other salsas were a bit on the unadventurous sides eg arepas de huevo...

            To get back on topic, I'm keen to try the beef tiraditos at Baru.

            1. re: grayelf

              Well now, my poor taste buds, under scrutiny, post-mojito and -capirinha, I think I really just thought salsas might have been a little, um, saltier. Spicier would have been good of course, but I think I had been gazing at the neighbours' food a little too longingy, so when ours arrived they just didn't knock me out. Having said that, the chips are the main show and I love them.

              Anyway, I have eventually managed to see the online menu (their website is a little too spicy for my machine) and jog my memory. We really enjoyed the chipotle mussels and the appetizer scallops. We didn't have mains, just an immoderate number of apps. After years of ignoring the place, I realize its fun (we usually sit at the bar), nearby and tasty.

              1. re: waver

                Thanks for the additional info, waver. No offense meant to your tastebuds, as you were of course commenting on the salsas at Baru, not in South America
                :-). I conflated my comments in a confusing way. I'm really going to be interested to see what I think of the condiments. I like your make your own tapas bar approach and may steal it as I don't recall being wowed by my main the last time I was there.

                1. re: grayelf

                  BTW, I feel the need to add that I've never travelled around South or Central America nor explored it at all in terms of home cooking, so pretty much ignorant of what it SHOULD taste like.
                  I'll be curious to know what you find on the menu - so have fun and do report back.