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May 17, 2010 08:24 PM

Is there any decent Paella out there?

For some reason I have been craving a real Paella. The SO doesn't do crustaceans nor saffron (sacrilege I know) so the cooking one up is too much drama for one. The last decent one I had was in Vancouver done special to order at El Patio and was served by a smiling Chico. Chico and his restaurant are long gone but the desire for a deep flavourful Paella where the rice is a little moist and the seafood and meats are done just right is not. Any travel worthy Paellas out there?

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  1. We had a nice time at Latitude recently and our friend raved about the paella (but for some obscure reason I didn't try it!?). The rest of the meal was good, so maybe its worth a try?