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Wedding lunch at a DC restaurant with a view

Hi everyone! We are looking for a restaurant or venue with a view of the Washington Monument/Capital/etc. Trying to keep it budget friendly. About 100 people. I have been reading through lots of post here and I am very impressed. I know I am asking a great group!
Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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  1. I am in the same wedding planning boat and I can't say I can think of a single place with a view of the Capitol or Monument that is "budget friendly." There's the top of the Newseum - which is Wolfgang Puck's local restaurant or Point of View lounge/restaurant at the W hotel with a great view of the Monument/White House. Neither are cheap. Other options might be the roofdeck at the Washington Hilton in Dupont Circle....I think they might have a good cityscape or a waterfront view at ::shudder:: the Georgetown waterfront-Sequoia/Nick's/Agraria.

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      Please...steer clear of the Georgetown waterfront. The *only* place I would attend an event at in that area is the House of Sweden.

      Can anyone think of anything up by the Cathedral?

    2. I think the The Capital Hyatt has some meeting rooms with Capital views.

        1. I'm in a similar boat (80 people...budget and non-traditional) but instead, I'd rather take friends/family around for photos and enjoy food elsewhere. After living here for a while, I've realized that most places with a view skimp on food.

          The best view in the city of the city is on top of the Newseum, though.

          1. Have you considered Indigo Landing? Has a nice view of the water (monuments in the background) and the food is pretty good. http://www.indigolanding.com/

            1. Thank you everyone! I am going to look into the Newseum! Keep 'em coming!

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                How about Charlie Palmer's? Rooftop desk has a great view of the Capitol and Penn Ave.

              2. a friend's daughter's wedding reception was at top of the town. they were very pleased, and the food looked very good in photos that i saw. absolute best view in all of d.c., bar none. it'd be very memorable.

                my wedding reception was at the outdoors rooftop restaurant of the old hotel washington. i forget what they call it now, but i doubt that it is inexpensive.

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                  that's actually the W hotel now, I believe

                2. A friend of mine held a party at the bar at the W Hotel in Dec. Great views and a wonderful place for a party -- but NOT budget friendly. He was horrified at what it ended up costing.

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                    yeah, that's it -- the old hotel washington is now the "w" hotel.

                    you gotta know that red patent leather furniture in the lobby is a tip-off that the restaurant or rooftop terrace ain't gonna be budget-friendly!

                    still, they have the best views *in* d.c. proper. top of the town is still best overall for its panoramic view's sheer magnificence. it is probably a lot more budget-friendly for such a large group as the OP wants to serve.