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May 17, 2010 05:22 PM

Saugatuck/Holland/Douglas finds?

Tomorrow, we're headed to Saugatuck for a few days. If it's worth the drive, we may also head up to Holland for an evening. We need any chow recommendations.

We will definitely be hitting up Everyday People Cafe in Douglas. We ate there last year and LOVED it.

We're also thinking of trying Salt of the Earth in Fennville. Any reviews?

We've heard about CityVu Bistro in Holland, but I've read mixed reviews.

Anything we're missing?

Everyday People Cafe
11 Center Street, Douglas, MI 49406

Salt of the Earth
4760 Red Bank Rd Ste 100, Cincinnati, OH 45227

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  1. Check this topic, which has been updated as recently as last fall, which includes reviews of EPC and SOTE (which I continue to endorse):

    1. Definitely try Salt of the Earth! As per the reviews on that link, they're well worth the detour deeper into the farmlands. If you like authentic Mexican food, definitely try Su Casa, too! In my experience, dinner is usually more spot-on than lunch (maybe different cooks working that part of the day?). I recently relocated to North Carolina. Su Casa is one of the few things about Michigan that I find myself thinking of wistfully and missing on a regular basis. Well, that and Lake Michigan itself....

      Su Casa Restaurant
      306 W Main St, Fennville, MI 49408