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May 17, 2010 05:13 PM

El Vasa De Oro Food

Hi everyone,

I know about their beer, but what food do they do well? The foie the make looks REALLY good.


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  1. Hi Smokin, I was waiting for Those Who Have Been There to post but in the meantime, please enjoy some pictures from Encantadisimo's collection. I really wish I knew who this person was and how he/she gets around to all the best places in Spain and Portugal! On my list of food to eat, I have the foie a la plancha, solomillo a la plancha con pimientos del Padron (the tenderest beef fillet cubes grilled with small green peppers), croquetas, morcilla, and granjero (toast with special filling). Tapas range from € 4.50 to € 15.00. Enjoy.


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      Thanks Aleta! I was going over most of his pictures yesterday. What a great collection

      I read that you have to order with a purpose at Vaso because it can be really busy.

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        You're most welcome, Smokin! Glad you are enjoying the pictures. They are very helpful.

        <<you have to order with a purpose at Vaso >>

        I was telling my son about the protocol at Bar Pinotxo and El Quim. He said he should bring his "ninja attitude". Whatever that is, I hope he remembers to bring it to El Vaso de Oro too! I've read that you should position yourself near the grill area so that you can snap up the goodies as soon as they are done. I think the Chowhound regulars are laughing at us :-) I'm laughing too.

        Are you going in the summer or September?

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          I will be in Barcelona 7/22 through 7/26 before I leave on my 12 day cruise with my wife and 12 year old daughter.

          I want to bring my darling daughter to places that are lively but I wonder if I would be pushing it a El Vaso!

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            I'm laughing WITH you. I don't have a strategy purr say at El Vaso de Oro. I try to get a couple of dishes then move outside.
            For very different reasons, El Vaso and Euskal Etxea and the Celta - all not far apart - are pre-dinner tapas hops. I enjoy stopping by but never make a meal out of any of them. It is just hard to stick around for long in the crowded narrow space of El Vaso.

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              Oh yeah It would be a quick hit no doubt.

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                We'll be there in 1 month and I'll do my best to send word afterwords whether the ninja attitude worked - or not :-)

                When traveling with the young or the old, I try to eat at non-popular hours, in order to avoid the crowd and to minimize my child's indignity at being smothered by someone's sweaty armpit. My game plan for that day is to hear the choral mass at the Santa Maria del Mar church (stop by Euskal Extea), lunch on arroz negro at Kaiku, visit the acquarium, hang out at the beach and finally, attempt snacks at either El Vaso de Oro or La Bombeta. I've made reservations through atrapolo.com for Kaiku.

                Parigi, what do you mean by <<get a couple of dishes then move outside>>? Do they let you stand outside the restaurant and eat?

      2. We were just there in March and thought the food was really good. Husband decided their patatas bravas were the best of our entire trip. As with many places in Spain, it helps to know what you are going to ask for when you order ('order with purpose' is a perfect description) and a good position helps too. We were lucky enough to get one stool right near the grill (I sat, husband stood), after arriving a little bit 'early' (saw it mentioned on another post while planning - can't recall if it was 7:45 or 8:45 that we got there....I'm thinking 7:45 -- I highly recommend going early to get a seat.).

        Right off the bat we ordered beers and a plate of machego (with marcona almonds). That gave us a chance to get started, look at the menu, and also to see what looked good coming off the grill. We then ordered the patatas bravas and the solomillo -- but didn't realize until after we received it that they also had it with the foie -- we kind of kicked ourselves for missing that! Don't worry -- we made up for that during the rest of the trip!

        About that time a really nice older lady took a position behind the bar in front of us, and was super friendly - chatting with us, making sure we were enjoying everything, offering suggestions, and telling us about her visits to the US. We were having such a good time (and had such a great position at the bar) that we made an evening of it. Also tried the croquetas and this fried sausage that was HEAVENLY! (They are in a case right by the grill - laying on pieces of bread - they take them to the back to fry them up. Served with tomato slices.)

        Someone in the thread mentioned taking his daughter - for about 20 minutes I had a 7 yr old sitting next to me while the dad enjoyed a beer and a little nibble while waiting for a stack of hot dog sandwiches to go -- family friendly!

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          Very useful intel! Thanks MesaChow.

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            Thanks Mesa!

            If we are in position to do so, I think we are going to stop here on the early side.